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Total cost: Free

It all depends on if I'm dating anybody or not. When I'm single, it's usually spent playing racquetball or working out at 24 Hour Fitness. If I play racquetball on the base [Miramar], it's free. I work in Poway, so after I'm done, it's a far drive home. On Saturdays, I usually end up driving back down to San Diego because there is more stuff to do. If I'm in a relationship, it might just be a movie and dinner, which we can do in Temecula. I'll usually end up spending more Saturday nights in San Diego, whether it's Balboa Park or downtown. I save money when I'm not dating anyone and my Saturday night is spent playing racquetball and working out.

Jose DeJesus

Age: 49

Marital status: Single

Home: Lemon Grove

Work: Engineer

Total cost: $60

Well, on Saturday afternoon I like to have a few beers. It's always nice weather too. At night, my girlfriend and I go dancing at Cafe Sevilla. It's $10 for each of us. We usually get a few drinks there, and that might be another $20. We like it there because it's Latin music. Then afterwards, we have a late dinner at Denny's. That's usually around $20.

Justine Koskinen

Age: 45

Marital status: Single

Home: Lakeside

Work: Teacher

Total cost: $30

We usually go out and support local musicians. The cover is usually $10 to $20, and I may buy a few glasses of wine. During the day on Saturday, we go hiking or take photos. That doesn't cost anything, aside from film. That will cost me $4, but my boyfriend has a digital camera, so it's all free for him. Last Saturday we went to a Gull game. Tickets are $12 each, and we might buy a beer or wine. Wine is $5 a glass.

Kelly Green

Age: 33

Marital status: Married, with one child (another on the way)

Home: Vista

Work: Part-time at a credit union

Total cost: $35.95

When we go out to dinner, it's usually Italian food. The bill might come to $25. We rent two movies for our son [$5], who's 22 months old. My husband and I will watch a pay-per-view movie, which is $5.95. We don't use a babysitter yet. We take our son with us to dinner.

Mahmoud Habhab

Age: 34

Marital status: Married, with two kids

Home: Del Mar

Work: Engineer

Total cost: $328

Usually I'm with my family. We cook dinner usually and watch TV. If we go out to a movie, it will be something PG. A movie like Harry Potter or Kangaroo Jack. A few times a month, I'll go out with my friends on Saturday night. We go get sushi downtown in the Gaslamp. Then we usually get coffee somewhere. Last time, I paid the bill, and for the three of us it came out to $328. Sushi is expensive.

Rebecca Smith

Age: 34

Marital status: Single

Home: Bay Park

Work: Information systems analyst

Total cost: $45

Saturday nights in the fall are cool because I go to Socker and Gull games. Then during baseball season, I go to Padre games. The tickets last year were $11, but this year we're paying $18 a ticket at Petco Park. For a Gull ticket, it's $12. We like to be up higher. We think it's a better view. The Socker tickets are $18 each. We'll usually have dinner before the game. It's usually Souplantation [laughs]. We figure with the Padres downtown, we'll start having dinner at more of the places down there. Parking is $17 right by the ballpark.

Corey Cooper

Age: 34

Marital status: Married

Home: Carlsbad

Work: Teacher

Total cost: $95

On some occasions, we may go to a concert -- if there's a band we like at the Belly Up Tavern. Usually it's the dinner-and-movie thing. The last place we ate at was Jack and Giulio's in Old Town. It may cost us $75 on a Saturday night, and whatever else we spend for a babysitter.

Ezra Cavazos

Age: 22

Marital status: Married

Home: Chula Vista

Work: Waiter

Total cost: $40

My wife and I will usually go to see a movie, which can cost close to $20. Afterwards, we may go to a bar and have a few drinks. That might be another $20. And there are some Saturday nights where I have to work and other nights where we just stay at home.

Tom Barrios

Age: 51

Marital status: Married, with two kids (in college)

Home: Mira Mesa

Work: Postal service

Total cost: Depends

It's hard to say how much I spend on a Saturday night. If I'm playing poker with friends, I could either be losing money or winning money. Oftentimes, I go to the casinos. I seem to win more times than I lose. I've come back with hundreds of dollars more than I got there with. My wife doesn't like me spending all my time at the casinos, but if I win big and give her some of my winnings, she doesn't seem to mind as much.

Bill Heisz

Age: 30

Marital status: Single

Home: Poway

Work: Construction

Total cost: $60

I like to bowl in tournaments, so oftentimes I go to the Poway lanes or the bowling alley in Mira Mesa. I may spend my Saturday night practicing. That can be $12 to $15 an hour to rent a lane. When my girlfriend and I go out, we'll see a movie and have dinner. The total might end up being around $60 for the entire evening.

Justin Rodriguez

Age: 26

Marital status: Single

Home: Hillcrest

Work: Coffee Bean

Total cost: $40

It depends what my friends are doing on Saturday. There might be a party. We might go to the Live Wire to drink a few beers. That would cost between $20 and $40. If the Casbah has a good band, we'll go there. Some bands are $5, and others can be up to $20. Or I might just hang out with my roommates.

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