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Cano Salazar continues, "Intercoms, to talk with the person outside of the car without opening the car, are one option. Another is a loudspeaker to make loud sirens or noises to scare away the robber or kidnapper. Then there are pepper-gas sprayers. And we offer run-flats, which are polymer-lined tires that can go 80 kilometers at 80 kilometers per hour after being punctured."

"Windows that you can roll up and down are another option," Cano Ledezma adds. "And there are systems that drop oil and nails on the road if someone is following you. There are GPS, oxygen, and communication systems. There's even a system out there, though we don't offer it, which has a flamethrower you can use to burn the robber who comes to the window."

"But the most popular right now," Cano Salazar says, "is the pepper-gas system. That's about $1500."

The Canos decline to reveal the names of any of their customers, though they say the list includes well-known singers, actors, and politicians.

Drug traffickers? Guerrero answers, "We could be doing business with those people, but there's no way we could know. All the customer is required to present is identification, a valid address, and their RFC [Registro Federal de Causantes, equivalent to U.S. Social Security number]."

Asked whether their products have passed real-world tests, Cano Salazar brings up the two cars in Iraq that repelled attacks, though he admits he hasn't seen them to see how well they performed. "Also," he adds, "there was a case in Mexico City with a very important person who had a level-three armored vehicle. He was driving one day when two vehicles blocked him in and forced him to stop. They threatened him immediately with a 9-millimeter handgun. He didn't open the car so they shot six rounds; four in the windshield and two in the side window. The victim called the police on his cell phone, and they arrived just as the secuestadores — the kidnappers — tried to cut the roof with an ax, which they couldn't do. When the police got there, the kidnappers left their vehicles and ran. The man in the car, who was 80 years old, wasn't hurt. But he said the impact of the bullets on the glass was deafening."

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