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Friends with Duncan Hunter

Golfing, hunting, fishing, cocktails...

From January 2003, when he took control of the House Armed Services Committee, Duncan Hunter seemed like a man in the right place at the perfect time. "This century is going to be a very ...

Ragin' with Rednecks

Taking out the Trash

When I heard another guy talking about smacking his girl around if she "don't listen to what I say," it made me wonder if theme parties have problems with guys who "stay in character" too long.

Freeway freq-out

Heymatt: How come there is so much FM radio interference on the 94 freeway between Lemon Grove and the 805? It sounds like overlapping Mexican stations. -- Nameless, on the road Short answer? The terrain, ...

Nothing's been the same since the Great Vowel Shift

Dear Matt: Why is the English language so jacked up? Why do sometimes we pronounce "i" as "i" and other times as "e"? I'm thinking of starting a language where no "i" can be pronounced ...

Golfing for masochists

Matt: Have any Xtreme sports been invented in our own sunny San Diego? If not, a friend of mine has a suggestion for Xtreme Golf with 1000-yard holes. What do you think? -- Phil Mickelson ...

Will Bazaar del Mundo Become Squibob Square?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And if you yourself are broke, only fix things that are draining you financially -- not things that are filling your coffers. It seems basic. But the State ...

Find solitude atop conifer-dotted Buckhorn Peak on the crest of the San Gabriel Mountains.

In the high country of the San Gabriel Mountains, a lightly timbered promontory rises to a peak elevation of 7283 feet. Some call it "Buckhorn Peak," a name given to the mountain summit by a ...

Terrorized with A Tire Iron

If a San Diego County jury had not acquitted Beau John Maloney of terrorizing his father and younger half-brother in July 1998, a renowned Texas artist might still be alive today. Until her murder, Helen ...

Juicy Shamu

Critics of all that development activity over at SeaWorld, the burgeoning amusement park on Mission Bay, have long bemoaned the cozy financial connections between owner Anheuser-Busch and many of San Diego's elected officials. Last week, ...

Psychotic Waltz Revisited

El Cajon garage band five years later

“At a Fourth of July party, the band was playing in the back yard. The police showed up and said we were too loud. The cops busted into the house. I said, ‘Do you have a warrant?’“

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