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San Diego County Jail – the only option is cooperation

Where few slow learners survive.

Finding yourself in jail or prison for the first time unlatches a simple conundrum: you can’t know what you’re about to face because, had you known, you might have avoided the crime, or at least ...

Parked in a red zone

Hold the Cinco de Mayo

I told Mike that when I saw him out front, I couldn't decide if he looked more like Kevin Bacon or Bart Simpson. He said, "Damn, I was going for the Ryan Seacrest look.”

Old dogs, no tricks

MA: What's the longest recorded life span of a dog? -- Mr. B, the net The yap-yapping in the Guinness record book offices must be deafening. But they had to know, when they started keeping ...

Homegrown harvest

Matt:> I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get information on the roster of the Home Grown LPs that were issued by KGB. I'm POSITIVE that you and your elves remember these records, but just in case ...

Baseball for the Rich, Potholes for the Poor

It's a juggling act worthy of vaudeville. The city is perched near the bankruptcy abyss. But its proposed 2005 budget is up almost 10 percent. This fat budget carves the heart out of critical services ...

Bullets for the Bully

Spring Valley's Dictionary Hill site of moral quandary

Eight of the 13 shots Palm fired traveled through Harper's body. Palm hid the gun in a nearby canyon, then returned home. Two hours and 40 minutes later, sheriff's deputies arrested Palm at his house. 

Wagering the future

News that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to shoehorn legalized gambling into every corner of the state doesn't come as a surprise to ex-San Diego city councilman Bruce Henderson. For years he's been predicting to ...

Climber's Loop and Kumeyaay Lake trails in MTRP

The Climber's Loop and Kumeyaay Lake trails in Mission Trails Regional Park are a pleasant diversion on a spring or summer's eve.

Beneath Cleopatra's dignity

Mother's Day at Costco

My expectations used to be higher for Mother’s Day. When I was a young mother with only small children, I believed the world should stop for the mid-May holiday. In the weeks leading up to ...