Content for Thursday, May 13, 2004

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The Secret Lives of News Anchors

On air they are like organized tornadoes.

Michael Tuck threads his bathroom tissue over the roll, “definitely over.” For Carol LeBeau’s last meal, she’d eat peanut butter and jelly on fluffy white bread. And Paul Bloom wouldn’t tell me how old he ...

Borrego Springs and Julian

Dessert in the Desert

McCaffrey grabbed a camcorder and asked me to state that, if anything happened to me, he wasn't liable. "Do you want the one-day waiver, or the life-time?" I made some joke about my calling my lawyer first.

Bowling off a bridge

MA of Reader: You know how they say that when someone jumps off a high bridge that when they hit the water it is the same as hitting the cement, I guess because of the ...


Heymatt: What color is blood that is running through our veins? Why does it look blue under our skin? Why is it red when it comes out and not blue? Answer settles a respectable bet. ...

I'll take a quart, please

Heymatt: Could you briefly outline the human mother's milk manufacturing process? -- Jerry Dixon, Santee Before pregnancy, breasts are just muscle and fat pads, with the mammary glands (alveolar cells and ducts) just sitting there, ...

Is It 32 or 3 Cents A Share?

After two calamitous years, San Diego's Wireless Facilities boasted to its shareholders that it earned 32 cents a share in 2003. But look at the footnotes in the telecom company's annual report to the Securities ...

Rack 'Em, Dan-O

Blacks bank it, Asians one-pocket it

Morse and I sit down with Manaole and Netter, who are discussing one-pocket pool. "It's the chess of pool," Manaole says, "because you have to put your opponent in trouble to gain an advantage."

Stadium's roost

Despite the reputedly hot market in downtown condos, sales of those pricey units atop the Omni Hotel next to the new downtown baseball stadium are coming in at a trickle. As of early this week, ...

Hike to Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park for a comprehensive view of the L.A. metropolis.

L.A.'s quintessential urban trail -- the trail to Mount Hollywood -- takes you to the point of highest elevation in Griffith Park, the sprawling patch of open space on the easternmost end of the Hollywood ...

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