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Michelle White, economics.

Michelle White

Professor of Economics

"Ph.D. in Economics, Princeton University, 1973. M.Sc.(Econ.), London School of Economics, 1968. A.B., Harvard University, 1967. Fields of Specialization: Law and Economics, Public Finance, Urban Economics."


Peter F. Cowhey, international relations. U.C. Mortgage: $710,000.

Peter F. Cowhey


Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies

Purchase Price: $1,547,500

Date: 2-7-01

U.C. Mortgage: $710,000

Zip: 92037

"Cowhey is a leading expert in the fields of international communications and information industries. While at the FCC, from 1994­97, Cowhey made and directed policy for international telecommunications, Internet, and satellite services. He was also the intellectual godfather of the landmark World Trade Organization agreement on basic telecommunications services and a key member of the U.S. negotiating team. Cowhey has been a professor at IR/PS since 1987 and had directed IGCC since 1999.

" 'Peter Cowhey has proven himself in many settings both here at the university and in Washington D.C.,' said UCSD Chancellor Robert C. Dynes. 'His experience and talents, as well as his long affiliation with the School make him the ideal candidate to lead IR/PS into the 21st Century. His appointment to this position will benefit all university constituents -- not only locally, but also nationally and internationally.'"


Larry Lee Smarr, computer science. U.C. Mortgage: $1,000,000.

Larry Lee Smarr


California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Purchase Price: $1,425,000

Date: 6-30-00

U.C. Mortgage: $1,000,000

Zip: 92037

"Dr. Smarr is a pioneer in prototyping a national information infrastructure to support academic research, governmental functions, and industrial competitiveness. In 1985, Dr. Smarr became the founding Director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). In 1997, he became in addition the founding Director of the National Computational Science Alliance, comprised of over fifty universities, government labs, and corporations linked with NCSA in a national-scale virtual enterprise to prototype the information infrastructure of the 21st Century. Most recently, Dr. Smarr became the founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, which spans the Universities of California at San Diego and Irvine. Dr. Smarr received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and conducted observational, theoretical, and computational based astrophysical sciences research for fifteen years before becoming Director of NCSA."


Stanely J. Opella, chemistry. U.C. Mortgage: $1,000,000.

Stanley J. Opella


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Purchase price: $1,350,000

Date: 11-30-00

U.C. Mortgage: $1,000,000

Zip: 92037

"B.S., University of Kentucky, 1969; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1974; Postdoctoral Fellow, M.I.T., 1975­1976; Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 1976­2000. Appointed to faculty, 2000. The overall goal of the research program is to develop protein expression systems, instrumentation, and experimental methods so that NMR spectroscopy can be used to study all of the proteins encoded in a genome. Substantial progress has been made through the development of high-resolution solid-state NMR methods, and it is now possible to obtain completely resolved and assigned spectra of proteins in membrane bilayers and virus particles."


Bang-Sup Song, computer engineering. U.C. Mortgage: $550,000.

Bang-Sup Song

Endowed Chair, Professor, Electrical & Computer


Purchase Price: $1,340,000

Date: 5-5-00

U.C. Mortgage: $550,000

"Bang-Sup Song, the Charles Lee Powell Chair in Wireless Communication, came to UCSD in 1999, after 13 years on the faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he directed the Coordinated Science Laboratory. He was on the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, receiving a Distinguished Technical Staff Award from AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1986, a Career Development Professor Award from Analog Devices in 1987, and a Xerox Senior Faculty Research Award from the University of Illinois in 1995."


Jack E. Dixon, biochemistry. U.C. Mortgage: $850,000.

Jack E. Dixon

Professor of Pharmacology, Cellular & Molecular Medicine and Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dean for Scientific Affairs

Purchase price: $1,250,000

Date: 6-13-03

U.C. Mortgage: $850,000

Zip: 92037

"Cells are highly responsive to signals from their environment. These signals include growth factors, neuronal firing, or even the presence of a bacteria or pathogen that has invaded the body. The sensing and processing of these signals are carried out by molecular circuits within the cell which detect, amplify and integrate these signals into a specific response. One of the most widely utilized cellular responses to environmental signals is to change the phosphorylation strategy of specific proteins. The level of protein phosphorylation is controlled by two families of enzymes known as protein kinases and phosphatases. My laboratory is interested in deciphering the role of the phosphatases in various cellular paradigms, as phosphatases play key roles in the ontogeny of cancer as well as the processes of axonal pathfinding and bacterial pathogenesis."


Sungho Jin, mechanical engineering. UC Mortgage: $400,000.

Sungho Jin

Iwama Professor of Materials Science

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Purchase Price: $1,150,000

Date: 7-1-02

UC Mortgage: $400,000

Zip: 92130

"Contributed to the advancement of science and technology with world-class, trend-setting research in the fields of electronic, magnetic, optical, superconducting, electronic packaging, biomaterials, nanomaterials and MEMS materials and devices. The pioneering and leadership nature of the contributions is evident by a large number of Science Citation Index (~5000), US Patents (>180 issued or pending), publications (~220), and invited talks (~90). In response to the worldwide cobalt supply crisis in early 1980s, Dr. Jin developed a series of cobalt-free, square-loop semi-hard magnet materials including Fe-20Ni-4Mo and Fe-8Mn alloys. They are now widely used in billions/year of anti-theft security tags for electronic surveillance in various retail stores."


Michael L. Norman, physics. UC Mortgage: $495,000.

Michael L. Norman

Professor of Physics

Purchase Price: $1,100,000

Date: 7-26-00

UC Mortgage: $495,000

Zip: 92014

"Computational astrophysics and cosmology; numerical algorithm and code development, especially for problems in astrophysical fluid dynamics (gas dynamics, MHD, radiation hydrodynamics, etc.); supercomputing. Application interests include star formation (present day and primordial), ISM, astrophysical jets, supernova remnants, and the hydrodynamics of cosmological structure formation. I direct the Laboratory for Computational Astrophysics at UCSD."


Zoltan Hajnal, politicalscience. U.C. Mortgage: $555,000.

Zoltan Hajnal

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Purchase price: $975,000

Date: 4-10-03

U.C. Mortgage: $555,000

Zip: 92014

"A scholar of racial and ethnic politics, urban politics, direct democracy, and political behavior, Hajnal has published in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, Social Science Quarterly, and other journals and edited volumes. His published work has focused on minority representation, racial segregation, interest group politics, and neighborhood poverty. Hajnal is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the impact of black mayoral leadership on white racial attitudes and voting behavior. He is also currently working on a project examining the multiple dimensions of Independent party choice. Hajnal is a former research fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California and a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Brandeis University."

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