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Fashionable young paws.

David Whittimore20College Area/SDSUDVS, $70 DVS. They’re a kind of skateboarding shoe. It’s been over a year since I bought them in some random surf-and-skate shop in North County. They’re all black, really comfortable, and they ...

It's a Horrible Idea

In a brazen daylight move -- shielded somewhat by cloudy legalese -- a San Diego biotech company is trying to reduce its current shareholders to near insignificance. But not long after the astonishing corporate moves ...

Red-Tape Roadblock

On January 1, 2004, a provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect that lifted all tariffs on new cars bought in one of the member nations and imported into another. Now, ...

More From The Quizmaster

On February 2, while in sheriffs' custody at the downtown San Diego courthouse, Richard Tuite escaped for three and a half hours. Tuite is facing trial for what offense? A. grand theft B. murder C. ...

California close-out

The Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich didn't do all that well in this week's California primary, but he did get points from some for simply showing up in San Diego, which was largely ignored by ...

Enrages women

That's Entertrainment

I noticed they had sheets with a betting pool. People had their names next to their guesses about whether Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) would stay with her new boyfriend in France or go back to Mr. Big.

Sunflowers: east-west, east-west, east, east, east

Matt: Sunflowers always face the sun, which means they must turn from east to west every day. So what do they do at night? Do they shift back at sunrise or gradually through the night ...

Sage Ranch in the Simi Hills near Los Angeles shows its brightest shade of green this month and next.

The 635-acre Sage Ranch lies west of the San Fernando Valley in the scrub-covered Simi Hills. The ranch owes its name not to the predominant sage vegetation growing there, but rather to the former owner ...

On a Street Named After Grandma

Singles rescue a widow

"The Hilton was a place you could go and meet people your own age. It was E Street, it was Johnny Love’s, it was all of the above.” And the crowd was precisely to his liking.

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