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Brian Dear blogs San Diego

An entrepreneur keeps tabs on us.

Brian Dear is an Internet entrepreneur who runs a Web log, or blog, called brianstorms, at He writes about San Diego, gadgets, dogs, startup businesses, movies, and a little bit of everything else. Dear’s ...

Scott Weinpel and Leslie Smith

“I’m not interested in guys all that often,” Ms. Smith admits. By the time they went out on their first one-on-one date, she already knew she liked him. She even told him.

Kit Carson: from California to Washington D.C. in 60 days

The Marathon of '46 (Part 1 of 6)

It was hard to tell which group was worse off, Carson’s alkali-caked express or Kearny's glum dragoons, riding "jaded beasts,” eating half- rations spiked by cacti, and harassed by swarms of mosquitoes and buffalo gnats.

Redwoods in Southern California? Try Orange County's Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

Carbon Canyon Regional Park, one of the many smaller units of Orange County�s far-flung regional park system, has enough room for one significant hiking trail. An unlikely grove of coast redwood trees, nursed from seedlings ...

Tapping into trouble

If San Diego City Council members and other city officials haven't been seen around town using their cell phones much lately, there may be a reason. According to a raft of recently released federal wiretap ...

Wallet Preservationists

Is it Save Our Heritage Organisation or Stuff Our Handbags Organisation? A controversy rages over the San Diego nonprofit group whose mission is ostensibly to preserve buildings of historical significance. The group has enjoyed many ...

Tijuana's abandoned car problem

Junk cars drown Tijuana

Though the municipal government unveils a new mass-transit proposal every few years, the fact remains: Tijuana is a city of cars. But it isn't a city of new cars. Only the wealthiest of tijuanenses drive ...

Juggles machetes

Anarchy in Balboa Park

"They told us if we have over 75 people, we would be fined $300 since we didn't get a permit. I pointed to those benches over there and said that was a different party, even though it's not.”

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