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Raymond Baumgartner and the Marty Brothers busted for pit bull fighting on Rainbow Glen Road.

RILEY has had trouble sleeping ever since he was left in this pen, its gate locked, its concrete floor hosed off every morning. He hates the constant barking either side of him, that deep ruff-ruff ...

On First Looking at San Diego

Kate Sessions, Edmund Wilson, National Geographic

“Of all the dilapidated, miserable looking places I had ever seen, [San Diego] was the worst The buildings were nearly all adobe, one story in height, with no chimneys. Some of the roofs were covered with tiles and some with earth.”

A ticket to ride

Heymatt: Doesn't the U.S. government pay the airfare when they deport someone? Let's say a Chinese guy is here illegally, and then one day he decides he'd like to go home. Couldn't he just advise ...


Hey, Matt: Why do we sigh? And on an unrelated note, do the toilet seat covers in public restrooms actually do anything? — Amy, sitting and sighing In with the good air; out with the ...

Don't buzz Mickey!

Hey: On all my visits to Disneyland, I have never seen an airplane or helicopter fly over the Magic Kingdom. Was Disneyland able to get some kind of ordinance prohibiting aircraft from flying over? Does ...

Road trip to Washington State

We would drive to Mt. Shasta the first day

We’re getting ready to hit the road. This Thursday at 4:00 a.m., I plan to herd my five children into our loaded Ford E- 350 van and head north toward Seattle. We’re vacationing this year ...

Trolley Trap Nails Drivers

Leihua Smith figured that the man who volunteered to be a witness for her in court must have been an angel. "I gave him a kiss on the cheek after the hearing," she says, "but ...

America's Second Loneliest City

Sociologists lament San Diegans' lack of political participation and social cohesion. The overlords celebrate it -- secretly, of course. Four years ago, Robert D. Putnam, Harvard professor of public policy, authored a book, Bowling Alone, ...

First Naderite

At least one rich local Democrat won't be climbing on John Kerry's bandwagon anytime soon. Developer, ex-state horseracing boardmember, and former port commissioner Harvey Furgatch, who lives in a house on the beach in Del ...

Climb Old Baldy, a quintessential destination for hikers in Southern California, by way of the easiest route.

No Southern California hiker's repertoire of experiences is complete without at least one ascent of Mount San Antonio, or "Old Baldy." At 10,064 feet, Baldy's summit looms large over the eastern Los Angeles Basin, the ...

Jeff Klassen and Desiree Slane

Temecula surfer to wed punk-rock accountant

They went on their first date at Chili’s off Mission Gorge Road near SDSU. “I knew he liked me because he wanted to take me to the movies after dinner even though we hadn’t planned on that.”

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