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Men's Summer Swimsuit Issue

Almost every strapping example of San Diego masculinity that I approached agreed to be photographed.

HEY, LADIES! Let's hear it for men! Give a shout-out now to the body masculine! Here's to five o'clock shadows, Adam's apples, square jaws, and rough skin. To testosterone, to the Y chromosome, to the ...

Giant ceremonial scissors seen in Encinitas

This just in -- "Cottonwood Creek Park Opens (North County Times, 6/15/04) ENCINITAS-- Mayor Maggie Houlihan used giant, ceremonial scissors to cut the ribbon at Monday's ceremonies to open Cottonwood Creek Park.�" Giant ceremonial scissors? ...

Where's Vaudeville?

Hello Matt: My friend Mitchie and I have a disagreement about "vaudeville." Was there actually a town called Vaudeville or did someone just make it up for some illusionary special effect for their circus act? ...

Cats are gods

Heymatt: Who was the Roman god of cats? -- Maria Sanchez, Escondido Hmmm. Romans believed just about everything was invested with a spirit and therefore worthy of honoring for good luck, if for nothing else. ...

What other white meat?

Hi, Matt, from Russia! If all mammals' blood is red, at least us and cows, why is pork, veal, and poultry meat white? -- Scott, St. Petersburg, Russia Matt: Is pork really "the other white ...

Lb.? Why lb.?

Dear MA: How is it that the abbr. for a pound of weight is lb? None of my English instructors could answer this but I'm confident you can. -- Dave-O, the net That's the attitude ...

Traverse a new bridge on the latest completed link in the bicycle route encircling south San Diego Bay.

Some three decades in the making, the bicycle route encircling the south end of San Diego Bay is nearing completion. The past decade has seen the construction of new bicycle paths along the bay shore ...

Scripps Digs Florida Money Pit

Scripps Research Institute's overhyped and overblown plans for a Florida biotech research facility could possibly go overboard, particularly since taxpayers suddenly realize they will be hit with more than $1 billion in costs, almost double ...

Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks

SEALs take bloody revenge

All the recent commotion about U.S. atrocities at Abu Ghraib Prison and elsewhere got me thinking about Ka-Bar knives, which in turn got me thinking about former senator and now member of the 9/11 Commission ...

Kerry's cash cavalry

President George W. Bush has his fat cat Texas "Rangers," who have corralled $250,000 or more each for the Bush cause. Now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator John Kerry can claim 171 "Patriots," each of ...

Blood Runs on Mule Hill

The Marathon of '46, Part 4

“Forty balls struck him, I was told,” says Griffin, “yet he did not fall.” Soldiers drove the mule up the hill and butchered it, along with two others killed in the rush. Three fat mules were a “godsend.”

I Kid You Not!

“You will recollect the life you wasted, and you will resent that poor kid every time you want to do something for yourself.”

Carolina Celaya and Wayne Morris

Sexy grease monkey gets hot massage

“I wanted the cheapest service. Wayne kept trying to sell me other things, like, did I want the car vacuumed? He was wearing his blue mechanic’s uniform. He was a little dirty. He looked hot."

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