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Broadcast Booth Confidential

Everyone wants Dick Enberg’s job.

If you’re any kind of sports fan, you’ll have to admit you’re at least a teensy bit jealous of La Jolla resident Dick Enberg. And why not? You sit in your living room, watching the ...

Big brains

Densa to Mensa

I ended up staying so late at this party that Lederer had to subtly hint for me and the last guest to leave his house by saying, "We have to start cleaning this place up.”

Who's got the key to the SST?

Heymatt: Do jumbo jets have keys? If so, has anyone ever lost them and delayed a flight? -- Jay, waiting on the tarmack We have so many other, more annoying ways to delay flights these ...

I want my music video

Yo Matt: Why can't I buy music videos? I'd like to own Thriller and some others without waiting to see them on TV. Can you help? -- Lisa, San Diego Lisa, you're just so discouraged ...

The mysterious Mrs. Goofy

Matt: Why is Goofy Mickey Mouse's best friend, but Pluto's his dog? Shouldn't Pluto be his best friend, by definition? And Goofy has a son named Max, but they never mention Max's mother. Who is ...

Hike past tidepools to the La Jolla Caves during the lowest of low tides.

South of the broad, gently shelving beach at La Jolla Shores, the shoreline quickly changes character, becoming rocky tidepools, a fringe of wave-tossed boulders and cobbles, and steep cliffs. Just offshore, the deep, submarine La ...

Scripps' Lerner Apes Moores

Call it the Florida flimflam. You would almost think that Richard Lerner, president of Scripps Research Institute, has taken lessons in snookering the public from his good friend, Padres majority owner John Moores. Scripps plans ...

Hired Bowser Drives Ducks Nuts

The old Le Meridien Hotel appealed so much to Roger Perez as the reception locale for his 1993 wedding to wife Renee that one day on his lunch hour last summer he went back to ...

Famous again

Ex-San Diego city councilman Bruce Henderson, who has already taken on two multimillionaires, Alex Spanos and John Moores, in his never-ending battle on behalf of truth, justice, and taxpayers' pocketbooks, now finds himself facing off ...

You Get More Boring, Unless You're Hugh Hefner

Ozzie on stemware probation.

You can still see downtown, but a new condo complex blocks much of the bay view. “It’s not the same as one floor up, where you get the whole bay. It’s $150,000 more for the whole bay.”

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