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KWest Taxidermy's Kevin Moreau is San Diego's waterfowl specialist

Frozen drama

“I could love a duck!” the American poet Theodore Roethke wrote hyperbolically, manically, in one of an astonishing series of longish poems usually referred to as “The Lost Son” poems. I’ve always liked ducks myself ...

August Kleinzahler's The Strange Hours Travelers Keep

A self interview

When you see a poem in The New Yorker, it’s there: (1) to break up the page; and (2) as a gesture, a sop to those who associate the idea of poetry with highbrow culture and class.

Sons of Scam

The 3M Co. of St. Paul, Minnesota, is one of the world's best-managed companies. It is among the 30 blue chips making up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It makes Scotch tape and thousands of ...

House Glut Stuns Tijuana

Prospective home buyers in San Diego have waited for months for prices to stop their upward climb. In Tijuana, they're no longer waiting. Many Tijuanenses are leaving the city's colossal rental market and buying their ...

Do You Remember 2003?

1. San Diego's U.S. Attorney's office once had a staff of 122 prosecutors. How many have resigned in the past year? A. 15 B. 20 C. 27 D. 34 2. By losing to the Kansas ...

The Arts

The year 2003 was a busy news year. But more than a few interesting developments somehow eluded that bastion of the local establishment, the Union-Tribune: The Arts San Diego Symphony president and CEO Douglas Gerhart, ...

Explore the Easy-Going Trails of Wilderness Gardens Preserve near Pala in North San Diego County

Wilderness Gardens Preserve, a 676-acre jewel of county parkland near Pala in north inland San Diego County, encompasses the grounds of an old ranch -- the former retreat of Manchester Boddy, owner of a Los ...

Salsa and Brazilian kick dancing

No place for a white guy

She introduced me to her boyfriend, a 6'3" redhead named Cenoura. She told me, "That means carrot. When they see you, they give you a nickname by looking at you."

Let’s Be Friends

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