Content for Thursday, February 19, 2004

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Max Miller's I Cover the Waterfront

San Diego's seaside writer

Chapter One: The Damned and the Lost I have been here so long that even the sea gulls must recognize me. They must pass the word along about me from generation to generation, from egg ...

Tipsy joggers

Football and other distractions

I asked the Cowboys fan if she was from Dallas or if she just jumped on the bandwagon when the team was winning in the '90s. She said she had been a fan since she was a kid.

Bed roll

Heymatt: I seem to roll around and move a lot when I sleep. Why don't I ever roll right out of bed? -- Bedbug, La Jolla A question we've asked here in Rancho de Alice ...

Dookie on a shingle

Hey Matt: My friend Ian thinks that ingesting a chunk of human dookie will kill you and that half of dookie content is bacteria. Is this true?! I don�t believe it! -- Snuggles, the net ...

The answer is blowin' in the wind

Matt: Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems that when I'm at the beach on a windy day, I can hear sounds that are being blown toward me, but I can't hear sounds that ...

Seek out rare elephant trees in Anza-Borrego's Torote Canyon.

Dozens of elephant trees cling to the walls of Torote Canyon, a tributary of Indian Gorge in the southern reaches of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. In Mexico, this tree is called torote, which means "twisted," ...

End of an era

David Copley heart surgery, Helen Copley ailment send San Diego Union-Tribune into spin.

Speculation about the ultimate fate of the San Diego Union-Tribune is once again raging though the U-T newsroom, Mission Valley watering holes, and all other traditional haunts of old and new hands who've worked at ...

Overlords Soak City

Rescuing city finances may be futile as long as the society remains feudal. That is to say, San Diego's overlords are making sure they will get their corporate welfare -- no matter how broke the ...

If Bush Can Lie, I Can Lie, Too

Fernando Suarez del Solar didn't even know who actor/director Sean Penn was. But Penn already knew Suarez. As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 14, Penn, while in the Amsterdam airport Schiphol on ...

Who Was Max Miller?

The assistant suggested that the Millers were short on funds. “He said I should pay Max double what I normally paid. He asked me what I usually paid. I said $1000 — five times what I normally paid.”

Family Circus

Craig and Lisa combine broods.

When I first visited, Craig was living in Escondido and Lisa in Valley Center. But Valley Center, says Shelby, “was a very small little farm town, and I got tired of it."