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'The band sounds a bit like a mix of Pixies, Pavement, and Guided By Voices," says Adam, guitarist for Secret Apollo (formerly with Snark). Formed in 2002, drummer Steve cites more heavy metal influences, as evidenced by his newest tattoo: a thigh-wide image of one of Kiss' members. "I picked Gene Simmons 'cause he's the most recognizable. It's the image from the Love Gun cover, with him in armor and flames behind it."

Bassist Amber, who used to write for SDAM.com, comes from a more gothic space. "I love the Cure -- I'm wearing a Cure shirt right now -- and I like Orgy...any music that has dark texture and somber moods. That's my job to provide. Adam's got his indie-rock thing and Steve always dreamed of being in Mötley Crüe."

Secret Apollo's self-titled CD is sold at shows and available at www.secretapollo.com. The website posts playable MP3s of songs like "Piccolo," "Flip Me On," "Vampire," the hard rock "Always Turns Out Bad," and even a screwball tribute to North County's "Museum Of Making Music." The band gives out free Red Vines candy at all their shows. "We get it by the bucket and we've never run out," says Adam, "but sometimes people throw them around and the club makes us clean up the mess."

If you want to catch their act and score some free red vines ("All you can eat, dude"), they're playing tomorrow night, December 3, at the Rosary Room on E Street near 10th Avenue.


Adam 1. Beatles, The Beatles aka The White Album ("I was 25 and that was the first Beatles CD I ever got...it totally got me into them.")

2. Pixies, Doolittle ("That record completely changed the type of music I listen to.")

3. Guided By Voices, Alien Lanes ("A bunch of short low-fi super catchy songs...it influenced my songwriting.")

4. Neutral Milk Hotel, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea ("It's four years old but I just recently got it and I'm really enamored of it.")

Amber 1. Interpol, Antics ("I love moody rock and I like the basslines.")

2. Garden State film soundtrack ("My mellow acoustic go-to CD right now.")

3. Joy Division, Greatest Hits ("I've been in a dark mood lately.")

4. Built To Spill, The Normal Years ("My first foray into indie rock...fun to get dressed to in the morning.")

Steve 1. Faith No More, Angel Dust ("A complete left turn for them and not at all radio friendly -- plus Mike Patton is the coolest.")

2. Mötley Crüe, Shout at the Devil ("I've been a fan since they started. I had the actual vinyl.")

3. Silverchair, Diorama ("Great songwriting and they used Van Dyke Parks -- the guy from the old Beach Boys albums.")

4. Kiss, Dressed To Kill ("Has all the basic ingredients.")


Adam Orgy, "Blue Monday" ("New Order did it right already. We didn't need a new psuedo-goth band wrecking a cool song for their first single.")

Amber A Perfect Circle, "Imagine" ("I love John Lennon -- he was my first musical hero -- and I hated [this version] so much I e-mailed [radio station] 94.9 to complain.")

Steve Hilary Duff, "Our Lips Are Sealed" ("That almost makes me angry. I don't understand actresses-slash-singers.")


Adam 1. The Displaced ("They write the kind of songs I wish I could write and I like that they have both a male and female singer.")

2. The Exfriends ("I really like Matt Curreri's voice.")

Amber 1. Bad Credit ("They're very funny and their 'Financial Rap' schtick is very entertaining.")

2. Anya Marina ("I saw her at a 'Bitches Of Rock' night at Brick By Brick and her songs were funny...she talks about the gym, her mother, Valium. I don't usually like female rockers.")

Steve 1. Whitey Duvall ("That's my other band.")

2. John Cougar Concentration Camp ("It's the best band name in the world -- it's so offensive and funny you never forget it.")

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