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The birth and death of Pacific Comics

Bill and Steve Schanes started on Cass Street in Pacific Beach

The inside story of the rise and fall of Pacific Comics


African-American Buffalo soldiers comb smoldering Hauser Canyon fire

I didn’t see the forest ranger who got trapped with the Marines,” recalled Colonel William Hastie, whose 10th Cavalry helped rescue burn victims from the Hauser Canyon Fire of 1943. “I heard he felt terribly. ...

Matthew H. Alice!

Matt H. Alice: What does the H stand for in the expression "Jesus H. Christ"? -- Curious, San Diego The word origin guys actually take this question seriously and offer serious answers, a little too ...

Oh, Deer

Matt Alice: On the streets that go through the canyons of Mira Mesa and Sorrento Mesa, you'll see yellow caution signs advising of deer. There used to be several herds there before Mira Mesa was ...

Idle dishwashers

HeyMatt: If you ever want to outsource, I could answer half of the questions that you publish with no research at all. Why don't you answer one of the true mysteries of our time, namely, ...

This Is a City Teetering on the Edge

The City of San Diego is spinning its way down the slippery slope financially, and the result may be -- surprise -- new taxes. First, consider the spin. Last week, Moody's Investors Service, the bond-rating ...

Circumnavigate Lake Murray on foot, utilizing the shortest practical and legal loop route.

Lake Murray's paved (closed to cars) perimeter path is near East County's most pleasant and most popular place to gulp some fresh air on a summer morning or late afternoon. Unfortunately, the recreation path ends ...

Kathryn Stafford and Michael Strom

He was Batman and I was Wonder Woman

"They work you like used-car salesmen. It always comes down to a meeting in a little room. The salesperson is on one side of the table saying, ‘Do you want to make your girlfriend happy and buy today?’”