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Barbarella – San Diego's premiere blogger

My weekend was MOST eventful!

Barbarella began keeping a blog, or Web log, in 2000. The following are selections from her website, 2003-11-04I AM Corybantic The word of the day is “corybantic,” defined by AWAD as “wild; frenzied; uncontrolled.” ...

Pacific Beach parties with big boys

Mimosas with Bear Paw

Jim's wife brought a bunch of deviled eggs, and I asked Jim how many of those Paul Newman would be able to eat. "I think 84. Wasn't it 42 eggs he ate [in Cool Hand Luke]?"

Hot Dogs, Beer, And Car Bombs

Was that hot dog you ate at Petco Park unsavory? Fans have complained about unsavory food at the new ballyard. Well, for years the company that provided you that hot dog has been trying to ...

No Dice for Indians

And no craps, bacccarat, or roulette for casinos in San Diego County

In 1986, the tiny Pequot tribe, which had no full-blooded members, started a bingo hall. In 1992, the Pequots opened Foxwoods Casino, which is now said to be the most lucrative single casino in the world.


It didn't take long for the San Diego City Council to take political advantage of the campaign "friend-raising" opportunities provided by the council's exclusive luxury suite at the new taxpayer-financed baseball stadium. Under a deal ...

Still bugged

Hey Matt: I remember as a kid playing with Mexican jumping beans. What ever happened to them? And what made them jump in the first place? -- Speedy Gonzales, the net Matthew Alice: June bugs. ...

Hills like rumpled bedsheets

Enjoy a comprehensive view of coastal L.A. and Malibu from Parker Mesa Overlook

From the shore of the Pacific Ocean, just west of Santa Monica, the fluted slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains rise like rumpled bedsheets after a night of tossing and turning. From a vantage point ...

Engineering a miracle

The Cedar Fire failed to burn Joe Mitchell’s Ramona home

Fire in the California backcountry is an inevitability. Thirty years of fuel meant that when something happened, it was going to be big.