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Skateboarding Is Not a Crime But Murder Is

Did Neil Heddings kill his son?

On November 18, 2002, pro skateboarder Neil Heddings drove his van to San Diego to pick up his two-year-old son, Marty. Heddings’s fiancée Christine Rams, their new baby, and Rams’s four-year-old son had come with ...

Does Big Money Doubt Murphy?

'Timing is everything." Richard Nixon said it. Stand-up comics say it. Is Mayor Dick Murphy trying to be a comedian or a dour Dick Nixon? Or both? It's comical that with Murphy perceived as a ...

Educational AIDS

For a while last week, San Diego's own 60-something porn star, Dave Cummings, was sweating blood. Dozens of L.A. porn companies, including the industry's largest, Vivid, shut down their sets after actors Lara Roxx and ...

Hapy Birthday

Honey Bunny

And, along with the same refrigerator Richard has been trying to dump as a grand prize, this year he put a $50 gift certificate inside it to tempt the winner into taking it.

Ouch! Hard water

Hey Matt: My wife has been blaming our water for her dry skin, split ends, etc., ever since her friend told her that San Diego has "really hard water." What the heck is "hard water"? ...

What's so fancy about fancy ketchup?

Hey Matt: What makes fancy ketchup so fancy? Can you get plain ketchup? -- Bobby, the net There are officially designated fancy tomatoes, but no fancy ketchup. Fancy ketchup is plain ordinary ketchup in a ...

Tail-light red

Hey Matt: Why are nearly all automobile tail lights the exact same shade of red? Does it have a name? -- Matt, on 805 southbound Commuter-coma Red. Panic-stop Red. Screeeech! Red. Look Out! Red. Hey, ...

Steer Your Bike around the Rainbow-Pala Route Through Rural Northern San Diego County and Southern Riverside County

For a taste of some fast-disappearing rural serenity in inland North County, try the following looping bicycle route through hills and valleys straddling the San Diego-Riverside County line. You'll gain and lose about 1300 feet ...

Greedy City Targets Grantville

It was the winter of 1980, and the employees of the now-defunct Hafer Steel Company in Grantville had to go onto the roof. "A helicopter came and asked whether or not we wanted to be ...

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