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The words of the Padres who played in the first game – April 8, 1969

Present at the creation

After 35 years, the San Diego Padres have a home of their own. Today, the local nine will jog onto the field and play their first regular-season game in Petco Park. It’s a mighty step ...

Thomas Lux's The Cradle Place

Stephen Dobyns interviews Lux

"Much poetry is arbitrary, obscure, and inaccessible. It makes people feel stupid. That has a great deal to do with Modernism and Post-Modernism, even though many of the Modernists were great poets undeniably."

10 Million Will Buy This Town

End of quiet days and dark skies for Campo?

Fifty miles east of downtown San Diego, 12 miles south of Interstate 8, Buckman Springs Road, approaching from the north, ends at State Route 94 as it turns east after a mile-long northward jog from ...

The mysterious end of the Neil Morgan era

"I have never in 54 years leaked information about the Copleys to the Reader."

Act I Last week's surprise departure of Neil Morgan from the Union-Tribune after 54 years as a Copley scribe was shrouded in about as much confusion and contradiction as many of the columns he authored. ...


Hey, Matt: I saw in the newspaper there is a car-o-rama for the latest new cars. Where does this o-rama business originate? -- Pat N. Paul, the net Mankind has always been a sucker for ...

More people speak Klingon

To Boldly Get Drunk

One guy showed up in his outfit, complaining about the traffic on the 805. I would love to have seen the other drivers' faces as he went by. Do they take you seriously with that face?

Hike to the summit of Kwaay Paay peak in Mission Trails Regional Park.

The 1194-foot mountain dubbed "Kwaay Paay" in Mission Trails Regional Park managed to escape the flames that swept through nearly half of the park's area in October 2003. The welcome if spotty precipitation we've received ...