Content for Thursday, April 1, 2004

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San Diego County's fanatic pigeon lovers

Marathoners of the sky

“How long have you been racing pigeons?” I asked Gene Hamilton. “Eighty years.” “That’s quite a while.” “Actually, it’s 80+ now. I’m 91.” “What got you started?” "Pigeons underneath a barn in Portland, Oregon. We ...

Spring's hero

Heart gives hope.

Someone I look up to once told me I should always try to write as if I were writing to someone who had six months to live. Think of your reader, I was told, as ...

Why Do They Sneer at Shipione?

Federal examiners are looking into possible "pay-to-play" shenanigans in the pension-consulting business. And one of the pension consultants being studied is Callan Associates, the San Francisco-based firm long used by the woe-beset San Diego City ...

Don't Puke In My Limo

Sleaze taints the business

Cloud 9 is the only company in San Diego, so far, to make chauffeurs independent owner-operators. In the new approach, "There are responsibilities the drivers have. But hard workers should be able to do well."

America's finest seats

For years, members of the San Diego City Council and their pals partied hearty in the so-called City Box at Qualcomm Stadium, chowing down on free hot dogs, steaks, chicken, wine, beer, desserts, and all ...

Sunburn on ice

Heymatt: Does the temperature have any bearing on how much sunburn/sun damage a person receives? If I'm outside on a sunny, cloudless 60 degree day, won't I get as much of a tan as I ...

Ask Matthew Alice

Yo Matt: How come so many Arabic words with a "k" sound are spelled with a "q" instead? Qaddafi, Qatar, Iraq, al-Qaeda, etc. Since these are Anglicized spellings and not Arabic ones, who decides on ...

Descend into Deep Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains, where a hot spring gurgles and tan lines are optional.

Deep Creek Hot Springs in the San Bernardino National Forest has been a minor magnet for hikers and other nature lovers -- eccentric and otherwise -- for decades. Volunteers have spent years fashioning rock-bound basins ...

Samoan grabs knife

The Birthday Fight

Hans came into the kitchen and screamed for everyone to be quiet. He then said, "I just found out there was a fight out front. If there's another one. I'm kicking everybody out!"