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San Diego –life in towhead land

Once there was Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, and Grace Kelly

I’m allowed to write this article only because I’m a 7. I don’t mean that I’m a 7 the way Bo Derek was supposedly a 10. I mean that I’m a 7 on the Natural ...

Ladies ridicule hairpieces


Sure enough, there were two parties going on. I walked into 214, and it was a room that looked to be only 12' by 12' with about 50 people in it. And they were playing volleyball.

Unethical, Immoral, And Unconscionable

'The hogs are at the trough." On February 17, 2000, David Farley, chief financial officer of Peregrine Systems, e-mailed those words to the company's attorney, Richard T. Nelson. Farley (now deceased) was perturbed that company ...

Troubled Teen Soaks Hospital

Two years ago Mary Schenk received notification that her daughter Donna was self-mutilating. (Family members' names have been changed to protect the child's privacy.) "The school nurse called," says Schenk, "and it was the day ...

Good gravy

With draconian staff cuts in the San Diego Unified School District, how much mad money could be floating around? Just two weeks ago, 616 jobs were axed and hours cut for another 2000 workers. Before ...

Biker noise

Hey Matt: How come motorcycles can be as loud as they want, rattling windows and setting off car alarms? If my car was that loud, I couldn't go a block. Is it because all of ...

Help is just a phone call away

Hey Matt!! At the top of the Coronado bridge are the (in)famous "Need Help?" signs with a phone number for counseling. Why aren't there any phones up there? These signs have been up way before ...

Seeing things in the bedroom

Hey Matt: My husband thinks I'm wacko for this. We recently had a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom. I've noticed that, as I lie in bed, staring at the blades spinning round and round ...

Rise through the morning mist to bag Sycuan Peak, near Alpine and Jamul.

Sycuan Peak, midway between the inland communities of Alpine and Jamul, rises 2801 feet above sea level and overlooks miles of thinly populated valleys and hills. As part of a countywide effort to preserve native ...

Amy Gerstler's Ghost Girl

Interview by Geoff Bouvier

There’s three dogs and a cat here, so there’s a zoo-like quality. On most days, Benjamin gets up earlier than I do because he has this farm-boy physiology and I don’t. I’m kind of a sleepaholic.

Let’s Be Friends

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