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The Poor Man's High

Brian French has done his time.

When Brian French jammed the seventh round into the shotgun, it was the last shell he had. The first five he’d shot in warning. The sixth he’d fired 40 seconds earlier, and it had torn ...

Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie

Drieser is his era's Tom Wolfe

Frank Doubleday, in Europe at the time Norris bought Dreiser’s novel, on his return home read the manuscript and hated it. Not only did Doubleday not wish to publish it, he thought it filthy and morally wanting.

The Hustler bar

Hustle and hurry

There was an attractive woman in her 40s standing near me. As I was leaving, I heard her say, "It's such an honor to meet you." I turned to see she was talking to Mr. Flynt, not me.

At the beach

Hey there, Matt: Every so often, while walking barefoot on the beach for a sunset stroll, I'll look down to check out the rocks and shells and notice something that makes me put my flip-flops ...

Who can I hit on Boxing Day?

Yo, Mattmeister: What is Boxing Day? -- Jeff Foxmore, La Jolla The day we're allowed to punch out someone who's annoyed us most in the past year? Unfortunately, no. It's not even a U.S. celebration, ...

Sliced bread: the pinnacle of technology

Uh, Matt: If my invention is the greatest thing since sliced bread, how long would that be? If you get my drift. -- Curious George, San Diego Not sure I do, George, but why should ...

Behind Corky McMillin

A cork afloat on the ocean bobs up and down. By contrast, developer Corky McMillin bobs and weaves, to and fro, when discussing finances. It's time to uncork the secrecy behind the Corky McMillin Companies' ...

High Anxiety On Dunbar Lane

Blossom Valley traps its residents.

Lonnie Glasco shows off photos of a bevy of 18-wheelers and cars parked up and down his street, Dunbar Lane, in the East County community of Blossom Valley. Pictured also are vehicles strewn all over ...

Fantasy football

It was a banner season for Chargers star running back LaDainian Tomlinson -- who makes a reported $1.75 million or so a year and could get as much as $38 million over the course of ...

Explore the site of California's first gold rush: L.A. County's Placerita Canyon.

One of California's historic hot spots, Placerita Canyon Park hosted the state's first gold rush (1842), farming, oil exploration, and movie-making. You can contemplate these historical details as you visit the park's superb nature center ...

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