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Art Is Slow

Lê Thi Diem Thúy’s The Gangster We Are All Looking For - life as Vietnamese boat person come to San Diego.

“Linda Vista, with its rows of yellow houses, is where we eventually washed to shore. Before Linda Vista, we lived in the Green Apartment on Thirtieth and Adams, in Normal Heights. Before the Green Apartment, ...

Dion Rich- supreme party crasher

Crash course

The hardest event was actually here in San Diego at Planet Hollywood's grand opening. The week before. Junior Seau had a party there. I was actually invited to that. Inside, I cased the joint.

First floor, ladies lingerie; 150th floor, parachutes, oxygen tanks

Matt: I'm building my own house. It's a pain. But it got me to thinking, what is the tallest building in the world, now that the World Trade Center is gone? -- Tool Guy, Ramona ...

Rock groups

Dear Mr. Alice: When I walk on the beach, I notice that rocks of the same size seem to be clustered together. All the big ones are together, and all the small ones are with ...

Tiny, tiny type

Heymatt: Are there any laws about how small "fine print" can be in a contract? Broadly speaing, where there is a legal mandate that a document, label, warning notice, etc. be legible, the standard is ...

Explore Lopez Canyon, a serene minor member of the canyon system in Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve.

A sparrow hawk alights upon a sycamore limb, then launches with outstretched wings to catch a puff of sea breeze moving up the canyon. A mule deer bounces across the pathway, pausing to take your ...

Our Enron-Style Scandal

The City of San Diego has admitted in official filings what its critics have been saying for months: unless it raises taxes or cuts city worker pension benefits, it will have to slash city services. ...

They Don't Feel Local

The aging Chevy Blazer struggles to climb the grade into the Tijuana neighborhood of El Pípila, about ten miles southwest of downtown. Atop the hill, the dirty, potholed street wanders through one of the grittiest ...

Cracking wise

Some residents of North County are upset about a delay in disclosure of a potentially dangerous crack in a radioactive water pipe discovered at the San Onofre nuclear-generating Unit 3 two weeks ago. The incident ...

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