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There’s a Butterfly on Your Hat

This world is a screen.

One night in the late 1970s, Miguel Ruiz, a young Mexican physician, fell asleep at the wheel of his car and crashed it into a concrete retaining wall. He lay near death for some days ...

They Were Lying to Me

'Take me out to the bawl game?" At the same time city officials and Padres majority owner John Moores grinningly lapped up hurrahs at last week's Petco Park opening, they were getting a big Bronx ...

Crime Eats

Special religious diets in San Diego County's jails sometimes make prisoners who receive regular fare feel shortchanged. How else can you explain why several men in the system, who said they were white supremacists, once ...

Sweet tickets

In a memo dated April 2, the day after an item here disclosing the existence of the city council's private luxury box at Petco Park, stadium manager Steve Shushan outlined a new official policy for ...

Nathan feels bloated

Two Party System

One girl who looked like k.d. lang kept apologizing to a guy. She said, "Maybe next time I'll drink water instead of alcohol." Later I saw her run and tackle somebody in the grass.

Tongue muscles

Hello Matt: Me and a friend of mine were wondering, what is the strongest muscle in the body? I say the tongue, he says legs or arms??????? -- Christine and Christine's friend, the net Tongue? ...

Route 905. A spur? A bypass? A mistake?

Matthew: When I was learning how to drive many years ago, my dad gave me a tip to help me keep from getting lost: East-west freeways/highways are indicated by even numbers and north-south by odd ...

Southern Lights

Heymatt: How come I've never heard about the Southern Lights? I've heard of the Northern Lights. -- Jay, In the Dark As usual, you haven't been paying attention. Northern Lights = Aurora Borealis. Southern Lights ...

Visit Big Falls, the tallest waterfall in the San Bernardino Mountains-- if not in all of Southern California.

The day begins bright and clear. The springtime sun vaults into the sky over drifts of freshly fallen snow on San Bernardino Mountain's sunny south side and begins to melt them. Gravity pulls the tiny ...

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