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100 grateful San Diegans

Family, health, job, fun, cel phone

Diane Jones30Marketing DirectorMarriedCollege AreaInterviewed at the Natural History Museum, Balboa Park I’m grateful that my father — he’s 63 — is healthy and happy. He had an accident last year; he had a flesh-eating bacteria ...

Woods Rock to Whistlestop

Relaxing with Coronado’s coolest

Candice got onstage before the next singer and reminded people to keep their cell phones off, “unless your wife is at home pregnant or something.”

A Metabolife Death

On November 15 at 8:54 p.m., certified public accountant Michael Compton died of a gunshot wound to the head. The county medical examiner's office ruled it a suicide. Compton, who lived in Spring Valley, was ...

Unnecessary Seal Harassment

Why humans and animals can't mix it up at La Jolla Cove

Ellen Browning Scripps had intended to create a safe place for children, the handicapped, and the elderly to swim in the ocean. The beach was smaller and farther back from the water then.

Like daughter, like father, like Pete Wilson

When 36-year-old San Diego native and longtime Pete Wilson operative Margita Thompson was named press secretary to new Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger two weeks ago, nothing was said in local media about her father, Barnard ...

Oh rats!

Hey Matt: The other day I popped open the hood on my Mitsubishi Montero gas-guzzling SUV, which I park outside, and found about 6 to 8 somewhat intact snail shells. The shells weren't smashed but ...

Dog-paddling armadillos

Mr./Ms. Matthew/Alice: Perhaps you could resolve a lingering dispute between a friend and me. He insists that armadillos cross streams by holding their breath and walking along the bottom until they reach the other side. ...

Explore palm groves and trickling streams in the upper reaches of Anza-Borrego's Bow Willow Canyon.

Winding fjordlike through the boulder heaps of the arid In-Ko-Pah Mountains, Bow Willow Canyon promises -- and delivers -- solitude. During a weekday-morning's exploratory venture into Bow Willow's moist upper recesses, no one disturbed my ...