Content for Thursday, November 20, 2003

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How Sheriff Kolender got his man on the Airport Board

The Union-Tribune demands a bigger airport

For years, Helen Copley, her son David, and the other powers that be at the San Diego Union-Tribune have wanted to replace Lindbergh Field, no matter how much money it might cost, no matter how ...

Widespread Wink and Nod

In 1999, a vice president of San Diego's Peregrine Systems, holding out an envelope containing between $25,000 and $50,000 in cash, approached the president of a small reseller of Peregrine software. The loot would go ...

Party's Over

The city quiets endless Pacific Beach parties

Pacific Beach compresses roughly 10,000 people into its five square miles. It's a tight community, with many sober families and older residents living alongside a large contingent of college-age drinkers and partiers.

Official exposure

It's no secret that officials from many agencies of local government are cracking down on taxpayer access to public information. The latest evidence is the refusal by departing San Diego city attorney Casey Gwinn to ...

Two Kinds of Brownies

Making merry with older folks

When I asked about the Chargers using Doug Flutie, we had a conversation about what makes a good NFL quarterback. When he brought up Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers, we talked about old rock bands.

Disney's orphans

Oh wise one: Why does Disney kill off one or both of the main character's parents? Or a parent is presumed dead/missing at the beginning of every story? Snow White's mom is dead, dad marries ...

Thanksgiving eggs

Hey Matt: I always look for the biggest eggs I can buy in the store. I was wondering, with all the turkeys raised to feed our once-a-year habit, why don't poultry producers make turkey eggs ...

Cockroaches come home

Okay, Matt: Everyone has heard those incredible stories where someone's pet cat or dog wanders 3000 miles to find their home again, but I discovered something fascinating right here in Clairemont. Not liking to crush ...

Hike to Paradise Falls at Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.

Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks is Ventura County's most scenic suburban park. The scenery here has been imprinted in the minds of many in the over-50 age group: the area was once an outdoor set ...


There’s a lot of love in Linda Vista.

She split time between Orange County and Pacific Beach, where she had a boyfriend. She didn’t like PB much. “It was just college kids burning up their parents’ money. It was an interesting time.”