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The pick-up kind - no coaches, no whistles, no uniforms

Listen. I’m a basketball extremist. Maybe it’s the rhythmic, elastic whump (ring)s, whump (ring)s — thuds resounding echoing overtones — leading me into reverie every time, the odd expectant tempos, down the block, passing my ...

Elisabeth Sifton, The Serenity Prayer

A daughter's view of Reinhold Niebuhr

“He was a driven workaholic and stressed himself too much in ways that affected his judgment. His closest colleagues, who were his friends at Union, would say, ‘Reinhold, slow down. Cool off. Back off.’”

The Looting Was Done Long Before the Fire

Blame the San Diego mentality for the fire

The fire next time is likely to be more devastating than this time. Politically, culturally, and journalistically, San Diego appears incapable of rectifying the scandalous inadequacies that contributed so heavily to the recent inferno. Where ...

Bathhouse Quagmire

Forget condoms, prefer barebacking

Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest operates one of the largest AIDS clinics in San Diego County. On any given day, some of its patients can be seen milling about in green hospital gowns near the paths, ...

Vice as a virtue

The man who ran San Diego's vice squad during the Cheetahs undercover operation that netted this summer's indictment of three city councilmembers, along with guilty pleas from Cheetahs' owner Mike Galardi and manager John D'Intino, ...

I Went Postal

A round of military shindigs

The men and women of the First Marine Expeditionary Force in Camp Pendleton were being given a welcome-home parade from the war in Iraq. At first, I was hot and miserable, having just gotten over ...

Starving student vs. the Man

Mattdog: As a starving student, I always hate withdrawing money from the ATM because I hardly ever need the entire $20 but feel compelled to spend it anyway. Any reason as to why ATMs only ...

Mammoth farts

Hey Matt: I went up to Mammoth a few weeks ago and experienced the same thing I and most everyone I go up there with have experienced every time we go. We call it the ...

Applying to electoral college

Heymatt: How do I get to be a member of the electoral college? -- Smokeless, the net Good SATs and four years of glee club? No�let's try a $2000 suit, $500 shoes. Plenty of friends ...

Chase a rainbow this coming rainy season -- and don't forget this Saturday's colorful lunar eclipse.

For half a year now, rainbows have been conspicuously absent from San Diego skies. This will surely change within a few weeks as we encounter the first of several winter storms spinning out of the ...

Billy Blazes

2003 Cedar and Paradise fires- seen from Escondido and San Marcos

The last Sunday in October, we awoke to the smell of smoke and an ochre sky. Jack dozed. I followed Johnny and Ben downstairs. “Can I play Bionicle website?” Johnny asked. His thick chestnut hair ...

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