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Kristin Shott blew the whistle on faulty welds made on North Island aircraft carriers

On the Nimitz, only one weld out of 100 passed

When it was announced in March that Kristin Shott, a 36-year-old welder at the Naval Air Depot on North Island, had won an award for blowing the whistle on a long history of faulty welds ...

Slime Pays

'Anything Goes." Cole Porter wrote the music and lyrics. But it became San Diego's theme song. We don't yet know if any city councilmembers solicited bribes or improperly took money from strip-club operators wanting looser ...

Tijuana's Elderly Orphans

Last winter's rains have greened the empty fields and rutted the dirt roads of La Gloria. The area, on the southern outskirts of Tijuana along the free road to Ensenada, is an odd mixture of ...

Big Pyramid Kills Special Forces

The spirit of Special Forces remains the same and, for the most part, so does the organization. However, minor changes have had far-reaching effects and serve as brilliant examples of the Law of Unintended Consequences. ...


San Diego First District city councilman Scott Petersis set to throw a lavish campaign fundraiser for himself at his La Jolla mansion tonight, but some members of the honorary host committee listed on the invitation ...

Ziggy and Iggy

Michael Page joins the Criminals

Chuck Berry turned out to be an asshole to a lot of people, but I got along with him really well. I’ve got a cool picture of him signing a contract and using my back to do it.

Get soaked at the La Jolla Indian Reservation's water park and riverside campground.

Eyes shut tight to ward off the stinging spray, wet hair plastered to your head, you hurtle blindly on a straight trajectory toward a sinus-filling finale. Flat on your back, you slip through roller-coasterlike curves ...

On the menu, Tang and Spam

Matthew: My question is about TANG, the space-program-induced instant drink mix from the '60s. Is TANG an acronym for something? Like I had always heard that SPAM stood for "shoulder pork and meats." -- Mitch ...

Why do I have to walk through the lingerie department to get to the table saws?

M.A.: Department stores like WalMart, Target, Kmart, et al. are laid out in a fashion that seems to vaguely discriminate against male shoppers by putting the "guy stuff" (automotive, hardware, sporting goods) at the rear ...

Thirty-Year Love

Joyce and Linda stay the course.

"Everything in the Amazon Sweet Shop was sweetened with honey or maple syrup. We used to make green tea ice cream for the Prophet. Kung Food used to have us in their little deli. People’s in Ocean Beach...”

Let’s Be Friends

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