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Natasha. Papousek of La Mesa does henna body art

My skin is a museum

Natasha Monahan Papousek is not Iranian. She is not Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, or Pakistani. She lives in La Mesa, she has the red hair and pale skin of her Irish-Czech-Norwegian-American parents, but she’s a henna ...

Domestic disharmony

San Diego Symphony president and CEO Douglas Gerhart, whose take-no-prisoners style is credited by many with pulling the once-bankrupt organization from the jaws of financial oblivion, is in hot water with his wife of 17 ...

The Best and Worst Band of the Year

Lisa invites Iggy Pop to La Jolla

KISS was one of the bands that would come to watch the Dolls play. They would take notes and sit right up in front. Sylvain used to say that the Dolls taught KISS how to light their cigarettes.

Coronado Spawns Woggle-Bug

Oz-related events in San Diego - which has so many Oz connections.

La Jolla also impressed Baum, and two of his non-Oz books are set there, The Sea Fairies and Sky Island. A third, The Scarecrow of Oz, is a hybrid. “It begins in La Jolla.

A total lunar eclipse graces the evening sky on May 15, 2003.

On average, total lunar eclipses visible from any given locale occur about once every two years. Luckily for us, the year 2003 features two of them. Both eclipses take place (coincidentally and auspiciously) during the ...

Spider in the Middle

Almost a decade ago, David Thatcher, chief financial officer of Peregrine Systems, was effervescing superlatives about his boss, John Moores, then considering purchase of the Padres. "He's interested in doing things top-notch," enthused Thatcher, pointing ...

Shoot 'n' Loot

When cities and countries fall, looting is common. Students of history can cite the Rape of Nanking, the Sack of Rome, the burning of Atlanta. The difference between these conquests and the fall of Baghdad ...

Aliens in Peril

'Things may change in Iraq between now and June 18," says Judge Ignacio Fernandez in reference to the next date Ayad Fawsi Suliman is due in court. "Should we have an asylum hearing?" The judge's ...

1 Girl Scout = 8756 calories

Dear Matt: Well, it appears Girl Scout cookie season has finally come to an end. How many calories did the Girl Scouts unleash on America this year? -- Craving Cookies in Ocean Beach You realize, ...

The dreaded dotter

Heymatt: As my husband and I drove down several San Diego freeways recently, we noticed that there were tufts of orange cotton-candy-like fluffy stuff growing on the bushes along the freeway. What is it? -- ...

Dimes: too small, too thin

Dear Matthew: Why is a dime smaller than a penny? A penny, nickel, quarter, half dollar, and silver dollar are each progressively larger. The dime is out of sequence! This is definitely driving me nuts! ...

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