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What's Nick Inzunza Got That You and I Don't?

Richard Russell makes no bones about it. He feels like an old man these days, though he won't say quite how old. The same goes for a lot of what Russell says about himself and ...

Sandals, Bell Bottoms, and a Nehru Thing

Iggy Pop’s bass player spills the beans

We had a place in Pacific Beach at Olney and Garnet that was an old Victorian house. And we were a real happening band in San Diego. The King Biscuit Blues Band. We were playing the love-ins.

Leap Fat Cats Trouble Analysts

An "All You Can Eat" business strategy might work if you don't try to swallow too much debt in expanding rapidly. And when the losses soar, it's wise to slice top-management pay quickly, particularly when ...

Big Bridge Jolts Drowsy University City

Rose Canyon bridge tears apart a planning group

Wirsing says Ferguson's pro-bridge campaign "put us all to sleep because we had heard all that crap before. We thought Jesse didn't have anything to worry about. Well, we were wrong."

It's Not Your Father's M16

'If you think the M16 is bad in the jungle, you should see it with sand in it," said my friend Samir. The topic under discussion was why he carried an AK47. He was showing ...

Before or after visiting Palomar Observatory, ramble along the nearby Observatory Trail.

After a visit to Mount Palomar's famous observatory, I enjoy introducing friends to the delights of the natural landscape right below the telescope's looming dome. In a kind of reverse pilgrimage, we follow the Observatory ...

On a Budget

San Diego State University president Stephen Weber was out traveling a bit last year, according to his recently filed Statement of Economic Interests. On March 9, Weber reports, he accepted a free private plane ride ...

Pigeon headaches revealed

Matt: When pigeons eat birdseed off the sidewalk, do they bang their beaks on the concrete? — Mission Valley Ken Peck. Ouch! Peck. Ouch! That's kinda how a pigeon's day goes. Well, not that bad, ...

When you star on "Americas Most Wanted," you get a paycheck and a rap sheet

Hey, Matt: There are crime-solving reality shows that use actors in the recreations who look a lot like the real criminals. Have you heard any stories in which those actors were spotted on the street ...

Sea salt scam?

G'day Matt: I was hoping you could confirm a suspicion I've got that the culinary elite are trying to dupe us or that there is a serious case of the Emperor's New Apron going on. ...

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