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Worst potholes in San Diego – La Jolla Blvd., El Cajon Blvd., University Ave.?

"In 2001, we patched 42,000"

No one seems to know where San Diego’s worst potholes are. A pothole is forgotten unless it’s driven over frequently, and then it is instinctively avoided. Drivers swerve into the next lane, then back again ...

Baby Killers

Last week I wrote a piece called "Chimps with Nukes." When I had a draft I e-mailed it to a bunch of old soldiers to see if anybody thought I had left anything important out. ...

Prehistoric Gas Station an Eyesore?

Imperial County takes on Miller's Garage outside of Ocotillo.

The demolition order stated that the buildings on the site would be razed unless they were brought up to compliance. "It was dated December 2. Our meeting had been on December 3.”

Bayonet Chorale: Vietnam Vets of SD

$2.50 meals on Pacific Highway

Mike comes out and sits down. “This program works,” he says. “Eighty percent of our guys who graduate are in a job and sober and off the streets a year later. It’s definitely worth it.”

Payoffs (2)

In the aftermath of a student walkout sponsored by disgruntled parents last December at Johnson Elementary School, ex-San Diego Unified School District board member Shirley Weber has bagged a retroactive $10,000 "consulting" contract from the ...

Domestic Spy

Home buyers are liars

The period chandelier in the dining room hints at what the kitchen confirms: this is not simply an older house or “updated” older house. This is a total remodel

Bring the kids along for a mini-hike at Stelzer County Park, tucked amid the bouldered hills near Lakeside.

Stelzer County Park features 314 acres' worth of trails, campsites, picnic tables, and a small "Nature Studies Interpretive Center" set alongside Wildcat Canyon Road northeast of Lakeside. The park's core area was designed to accommodate ...

Saddam Might Boost Sales

Antique Row After-Lunch Stroll

Antique Row is well-placed, between two historical destinations, Kensington and Mission Hills, and two others. North Park and South Park, starting to gentrify. “This furniture comes out of those homes and goes right back into them.”

It's raining hats and frogs

Dear Matthew: In the movie Magnolia, it rains frogs near the end. At first I thought this was preposterous. Then I fond out that this actually happens. How does it rain frogs? -- Mrs. Ingrum, ...

How many times can you recycle paper?

Hey Matt!! My seniors have two important questions. How many times can you recycle paper, and is there dirt in Antartica, or is it all ice? -- Linsey Kitchens, Grossmont High School Hey Linsey!! Can't ...

Bluey, greeny, purpley lobsters

Hey Matt: I'm from Maine, and every good Mainer knows live lobsters are a bluey, greeny, purplish color. Why do lobsters turn red when you boil them? -- Mystified Mainer, the net The red pigment ...

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