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Jack brought this information back to the States, and the Department of Defense hosted an interagency meeting to discuss the matter. Jack had brought with him from Lithuania Major General Jouzas Rimkevicius, head of the federal police commandos.

CIA counterintelligence, under the traitor Aldrich Ames, was the first U.S. action agency. Naturally enough, in hindsight, they almost got Jack's agents killed. The case was tossed to the FBI.

Jack's agents asked for his promise not to reveal their names. They told him that CIA and FBI counterintelligence were penetrated by the former KGB. This was true, but nobody in the American government believed it.

The FBI insisted that Jack tell them the names of his agents, and he refused. So, to make a very long story short, they framed him for wire fraud, and he went to prison for four years.

And about once a week he was told, "Give us the names and you're outta here."

I can't prove his innocence, but I can tell you why I believe in it. I wrote a three-part story about him for Soldier of Fortune. When I turned it in, I said, "You better have your lawyer check this out. It's potentially libelous, and the people libeled would be FBI agents, if this isn't true."

They failed to have the lawyer check it out. In those stories I accused FBI agents of perjury, by name. I accused the FBI crime lab of falsifying evidence. If I hadn't been right, I could have been ruined. We never even got a phone call.

At the same time, Jack's cause was championed by Gary Scurka, a television producer who had worked for every major magazine show on the air, had 10 Emmys and 70 other major awards to show for it. The guy was big-time. He invested over a quarter of a million dollars of his own money into three trips to Lithuania and Russia, tracking the story.

He says he knew for sure it was true when Fawn -- Jack's first wife -- stuck with him through almost all of it. She was convicted as an accomplice and got 17 months in women's prison. She lost custody of her son from a previous marriage. She was stand-up until she got out.

Fawn likes guys. She found one, a young sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division.

After it all shook out, Jack and Fawn were not friends. But when Gary asked her outright, she said, "He's a son of a bitch, but he wasn't lying about that. He's not guilty." She'd served her sentence. She had nothing to gain, and she really wanted to hurt him. But she wouldn't lie.

One night in prison, Jack refused to leave the TV room until he saw the news. He knew it was coming. He saw Earl Edwin Pitts, the man who had orchestrated his persecution, led away in handcuffs. Jack did a little dance on the table in the TV room.

But the FBI has never admitted the mistake nor apologized.

Nonetheless, when President Bush called on all Americans to do everything they could in the fight against terror, Jack bought a ticket to Tajikistan, skipped over the border, and became senior military advisor to the Northern Alliance.

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