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JunkBoy inhales condoms through his nose and pulls them out his mouth

And he's one of San Diego's fire-eaters

One thing I’ve learned: go looking for fire eaters and you don’t know what you’ll find. After putting out the word that I was looking for fire eaters (I have a few, um, unique friends ...

Death Pays Off

Ben Franklin said that time is money. Fast-talking stockbrokers and other investment peddlers say it a different way: The elderly are a ticket to quick riches. If an old person suffers an unjust monetary loss ...

Many Sad Cases

A fog of paranoia surrounds the U.S. Department of Justice's Immigration Court in San Diego. The mentality suffuses not only the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the former INS) in its constant watch for ...

The Loose Cannon Rolls Again

The guy on cover of Bin Laden book

He swears he was once within hours of encircling Bin Laden, when a CIA drone fired its Hellfire missile at Osama Bin Laden's meeting. That broke up the meeting and Osama got away.

On a Roel

The controversial police chief of Milwaukee is on a short list to become head of San Diego cops, though he may yet end up running for mayor of his hometown, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ...

Dad’s Got History

Iggy invents swearwords

Born in San Diego in 1950, Michael Page was playing bass in local bands when a friend from New York City told him about Greenwich Village and the Bowery. The New York Dolls played at ...

Hike to Sturtevant Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains.

In the lush, shady recesses of Big Santa Anita Canyon, just north of the San Gabriel Valley community of Arcadia, you can easily lose all sight and sense of the mega-millions of people living in ...

Let’s Be Friends

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