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Rodeo riders in Lakeside and Ramona give themselves to Christ.

During mid-April of last year, a large group of cowboys came into the Branded Oak restaurant on Maine Street in Lakeside. They had come from the rodeo grounds several blocks down the street, where tryouts ...

Colorado Goes Beserk

It washed out the dam "as if it were so much kindling!"

Nature had dug two deep, 40-mile-long ditches for the Imperial Valley. They carried to the Salton Sea four times the sediment excavated for the Panama Canal. And the Colorado River flowed unchecked.

Chargers Ready Taxpayer Fleece-Fest

The city and the Chargers are in secret kiss-and-tell negotiations. True to historical precedent, the city is kissing the Chargers' rear hip pads and not telling anybody. The Chargers, meanwhile, are openly telling people their ...


Though he kept a low profile, the late Barry Eugene White, that purring bass-baritone king of disco who died in Los Angeles last week at the age of 58 of complications from high blood pressure, ...

We Don’t Want Anyone to Surf Here

Turf defense at OB Pier, Garbage, Swami's Bacon's Beach, Newbreak, Windansea

When a stranger showed up with his surfboard at the Windansea surf break last December, the locals knew he was a troublemaker. “He was a biker-surfer type,” said Mark Dephilippis, a 43-year-old Windansea local who ...

Gape at the view from Twin Peaks, high atop the San Gabriel Mountains.

The "top of the world" views from Twin Peaks ridge are among the best in the San Gabriel Mountains. Sometimes in summer (and often in winter) you can look south over a low-lying blanket of ...

Jack LaLizard

Matt: Lizards aren't bodybuilders. Why do they do so many pushups? -- Greg G, San Diego They're yelling, "Hey, look at me! I'm big and tough and if you don't get out of my territory, ...

What's the point of eating corn?

Matt: I know this is going to be a little gross, so let me apologize in advance. Is the human body simply incapable of breaking down corn kernels? I can't even seem to chew corn ...

Angry bee attacks watermelon!

M. Alice: While hefting candidate watermelons at the market, my wife said that the way to pick a good watermelon is to look for bee stings on them. "Bees don't sting watermelons." "Yes, they do. ...

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