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PR: And then I'll even show you the charts.

DW: Okay.

PR: Um, I don't know if I told you or not, but...this... software program has a built-in scoring algorithm.

DW: Okay, I know what an algorithm [is], all right, it's a mathematical...

PR: You're...right....

DW: I'm getting upset. I failed the test?

PR: You failed the test....

DW: Now, was it because of the questions or is it something I did wrong?

PR: I'm gonna show you.... And the algorithm gives us a probability score.

DW: Okay....

PR: And it's right there in big bold letters. It says what, David?

DW: Well, it says, "deception indicated."

PR: Probability of deception is greater than...what?

DW: Ninety-nine percent.

PR: That's right.

DW: On all of the questions?

PR: No, not all the questions. Because if you move down right here where my finger is...the question, "Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of Danielle van Dam?"...it shows 100 percent. "Are you personally responsible for Danielle van Dam's disappearance?" It shows 100 percent.

DW: I'm more than willing to take the test over again. I didn't expect to fail....

PR: Now, you're not an examiner, but you're gonna be able to see these...

DW: Okay.

PR: They're that dramatic.

DW: Okay.

PR: The lines that you're looking at, the top two lines are your breathing, the middle line is the GSR, the thing on your fingers, and the bottom line is your cardio.

DW: Okay.

PR: When I ask you this question about Danielle, your blood pressure goes crazy. That's 25 seconds from here to here.... And the next question, it does the same thing as previously....

DW: Well, look at this one right here. What was that question?

PR: Okay, that's...good. I'm glad you pointed that out, 'cause you can see that. 'Cause that is the other question about Danielle. And you can see what happens to your blood pressure now.

DW: I didn't even know her name was Danielle.

PR: Okay, yes you did, because we've been talking about that for a couple of hours.

DW: Well, yeah, no, but I... Well, up until...

PR: Well, but you know who I was talking about.

DW: Yes, I did, yeah....

PR: Here is the question about Danielle again. And see this, see the thing here?

DW: Um hum.

PR: And then your blood pressure falls, and then here's the other question about Danielle, and even that is a huge blood pressure reaction. That is a tremendous blood pressure reaction....

DW: Look...how high those are.

PR: Which ones?

DW: These, these.

PR: Oh, this one, yeah, you're right. That's very true, man, that's a question about Danielle.

DW: Oh, I thought that was about...but every time you ask me a question, my blood pressure's going down and then with every question it goes back up again.

PR: It goes up right on the ones about Danielle. Now let me come show you something a little more...dramatic ... 33 is: "Are you in any way responsible for her missing?" And look what happens to your blood pressure.

DW: So why didn't it go up when I... If I was going to lie, why didn't 47-C go up?

PR: Because...47-C says, "During the first 40 years of your life, do you remember lying to...anyone who loved and trusted you?"

DW: Oh, I see....

PR: Okay, but I've given you a type of winding road. I've given you questions that deal with your name, with your early periods in life, with the questions about Danielle.

DW: Right.

PR: That question about during the first 40 years of your life, that you've lied to somebody who loved and trusted you. I have no question in my mind that you've done that. So you know what, David? I already know that you're lying to that question, but you're not reacting to it.

DW: Hum.

PR: The question that you focused on was Danielle. Now the next question here is...that you pointed out, "You know where she could be located at this time?" And you can see what happened....

DW: What was 48-C again?

PR: Forty-eight was over the hurting...[were you] hurting anyone when you were drunk or angry?

DW: Okay.

PR: And you can see it dropped off the scale.

DW: Um hum.

PR: We'll go back to...the first chart....

DW: Well, I lied about that one, and that's...one of the questions that I wanted to ask you about.

PR: All right.

DW: And why did it drop off the chart? That's what I don't understand.

PR: The reason it dropped off the chart is because that question didn't mean anything to you....The questions that you're concerned about in my test are the questions about Danielle.

DW: Well, I'm concerned about that, yeah. So that would cause my blood pressure to go up anyway. I'm concerned about that....

PR: Don't you think that the parents would be more concerned?

DW: Oh yeah, big time....

PR: And I tested one of the parents. Passed this thing with flying colors. One of my partners tested the other parent. Passed with flying colors.

DW: But didn't they have any concern? There was no...it was a flat one?

PR: They passed the test.

DW: Um hum. Well, I'm trying to learn.

PR: Okay. There have been numerous other people that are somewhat connected to this family that we have tested, and everyone up to this point has passed the test. The only person who has failed on this test...

DW: Is me.

PR: Is you.... David, I am confident in my own mind that you're not being up front with me. But I'm also willing to talk with you. Now I'm gonna point something out to you in my notes that I made a very significant note about when we were talking.

DW: Okay.

PR: And you don't know that you did it.... And what you said to me at that point was...pulled off the side of the road, you ate, you showered, and you said, "we" were at Warner Springs. What you just told me was that there was somebody else with you.

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