Content for Thursday, December 18, 2003

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San Diego's Mexicans make nacimientos for Christmas

Shepherds, angels, pilgrims, and livestock

Ruth Zuñiga, 102, has been erecting a nacimiento in some form at every Christmas since she was a small child. With old age making it difficult for her to move, she has kept her nacimiento ...

Drunks and Geeks

The womenizer story

“Once you’ve joined a club like this, you don’t want to play kitchen Scrabble with your family. I’m one of the weaker players here. At home, my daughter says she doesn’t like playing with me.”

Banned from Banking

San Diego entrepreneur Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente II has enjoyed amazing litigation success in local courts against local governments, but he is not doing so well with federal courts against the Federal Deposit Insurance ...

Grassy Heaven

The Cagney brothers save Ramona’s burrowing owls, kangaroo rats, and fairy shrimp.

Broad, open grasslands in the topography of San Diego County are the exception to the norm, which is chaparral-covered mesas and barrancas. And most of the natural grasslands, Mission Valley for example, have been developed. ...

Mind control

That strange deal locking the Union-Tribune and San Diego State University together in creating a "forum for civic engagement and journalism" is raising eyebrows among longtime observers of the city's political scene. As described by ...

Terra, Bread and Cie, Adams Avenue Grill, Wolfgang Puck, Hornblower Yachts

Chefs' favorite cookbooks

Also, The French Laundry Cookbook. What you learn about Tom Keller is that he does the best; it may not be something you’ll do, like make a consomme, but it does allow you to take from him the foundation.

Satan's sneakers

Mr. M. Alice: One of my co-workers insists the Nike "swoosh" is an ancient, maybe Mesopotamian sign of Satan. He also says the goddess Nike is the daughter of the titan warrior-god Pallas and the ...

A set of waves

Dear Matt: What is it that makes waves travel in sets? -- Forever in your debt, Hillcrest Imagine Grandma Alice trying to get the elves ready for a walk. Grandma's barking orders, terrified elves in ...

Scan the Pacific Ocean from Seaview Park in Orange County's Laguna Niguel.

Southern Orange County is richly endowed with regional and open-space parks, which helps to atone for the immense area of valley and hillside now brutally overrun with suburban development. These open spaces allow residents and ...

Strep strikes hard

Christmas is two weeks away.

Tis the season…for strep and high fevers and mopping vomit off the bathroom floor. I’m feeling a little melancholy this year. Like the song at the beginning of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Sad and slow. ...