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Why don’t you tell me the story. “Okay. It lasted about an hour and ten minutes. The trip, or whatever it was. The thing I remember, when I started to talk about it on tape, was that I saw these two beings come in. They were hooded with a kind of grayish white robe. Real thick material. But you couldn’t see their faces or their hands.” How tall were they? “Not that tall. They were maybe five ten.

“Then they asked me to come with them. And I didn’t want to. I was terrified. I didn’t know what the heck was going on. And they insisted and insisted, and pretty soon that worked, and I picked up my pillow and I put it in front of me and I walked across the bed. I didn’t get out of bed or go around, but I walked directly across the bed to them. So I get to the foot of the bed and each one took an elbow, and my pillow dropped straight out in front of me, and that’s how the pillow got there.

“When they picked me up I started to cry. Well, in hypnosis even the tears started to come down. Because they weren’t human, they were metal. And when they picked me up, all my weight was on my elbows and that hurt like hell. I’m resting on metal, and I’m crying. Well, they realized that somehow, and the pain went away, and we took off. I don’t know how we went through the door — and I can show you where — I think we went all abreast, we would have had to, and I think right through the wall. So we went out, and they weren’t walking, they were gliding. They were off the floor, and so was I when they picked me up.”

Were you afraid? “At that point, I wasn’t anything anymore. I wasn’t afraid. No emotion. It was, like, ‘Yep, I’m going.’ I had lost the fear. I guess they took that away. So off we went, and then, as we headed up I saw the rose glow; I saw the glow from the craft. And that was indeed rose. It was a real bright, bright color. And we went up in it, the door opened.” You saw the craft? Can you describe it? “Well, just a craft, like a big saucer. As soon as I had got hypnotized, I went in the back yard and I tried to remember the size and we figured around 36 feet.

“So I went in. They took me straight to a cylinder. And as I was going in, I was aware of other people in cylinders along the wall, and I was also aware of whoever was running the show. They were white-garbed, like they were wearing lab coats. There were three, maybe four, of them on one side.” What did they look like? “I don’t know if I was made not to see or what, but that didn’t register. To me, it was a humanoid-type, you know.

“The cylinders were small, and they bring you directly — at least they brought me — directly to it, they opened the door, and it was all like a big Plexiglas container. And just a little seat. They turn you in there. It’s obvious you sit down. And then I looked up and this thing, like a telephone cord, came down, with a little cap that sat on my head. Once that was there I couldn’t move my head.” You said you saw other people in the cylinders? Other humans? “Yeah, yeah. I was pretty sure I recognized one lady. She was an Avon lady that lived on the next street. I never did approach her with that, because I felt, you know, it’s hard: unless somebody else is hypnotized too, you don’t know what happened. She probably would have never known.

“But once I got in there I couldn’t turn my head any direction. All I could see was peripheral vision and straight ahead. And straight ahead was the whole workings of the ship, the magnetic thing that causes it to go up and down and whatever. There was also a little rail around the edge. It’s to keep people from falling into the screen. There was this big screen in the middle. So when it took off you could see the earth there, you know, as you went up. And the funny part is that we were put in capsules. This is the part I don’t understand and never figured out. But I was watching and wondering and thinking all this time, you know, and once you took off, all the colors would change. It would change from rose to other colors.”

Did you have a sense that the craft was taking off? “The only sense I had was that I could see that we were leaving, but I couldn’t really feel anything.” But you saw the earth? “You saw the earth down there. The higher you go, the more you saw. Cities, with lights. We went up really high, but we never went to any mother ship or anything like that, because we went up and then we came back. It was like an hour and ten minutes, apparently. And these other people, the ones I could see, there was this one woman in a black nightgown and she had long black hair. Then there was teenagers, and I suspect they had probably been in a car. Two of them were picked up. And a guy that looked like he was ready to go fishing. Those are the only ones I could really see. And, uh, it’s just like I’m watching it now. Thinking about, will I get home? Will I see my kids again? Will I see everybody again? Yet, I kind of felt I would. I wondered about the thing on my head. And I wondered a lot of things. I wondered why we were in a capsule. Because, to me, that was antiquated. From what I had read about different ships, they’re not like that.”

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