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The White Mask: Marilyn Monroe and the Hotel Del Coronado

Even Arthur Miller couldn't make Billy Wilder happy; Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis did their best.

“There was no connection. No more mystery to it than that. She was not the kind of woman a sex bomb is supposed to be, and it wore her out. She never found anyone who understood her.”

Sleaze Saga

With still another scandal rocking city government, have you ever wondered how San Diego got the chauvinistic sobriquet "America's Finest City"? It's a sordid story -- justifiably sullying San Diego, its government and establishment, as ...

Second Only To the Cowboy

Roughly 900 licensed cabs cover the greater San Diego area.

In San Diego, airport cabbies rest at the top of the public-transportation heap. Their fares are more regular — and generally larger — than those of mere city cabbies. Plus, the airport more or less ...

Pink Flamingos

Dear M.A.: I recently heard that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp as their main diet. But shrimp are only pink after they're cooked. Who cooks shrimp for flamingos? Sounds sketchy to me. -- ...

Let's walkie and talkie.

Heymatt: Walkie-talkies have a range of up to five miles, but cordless phones have a range of only up to about 100 yards. Why can't those geniuses at the big electronics companies figure out how ...

Hike Malibu's Solstice Canyon and learn a lesson or two in fire ecology.

Solstice Canyon Park, a unit of the sprawling Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, invites your attention, with superb oak woodland habitat to enjoy, and lessons in fire ecology to ponder. Since its unveiling in ...

If I'm standing on the moon, can I shoot a guy on Pluto?

Earthling: I was wondering why they don't use normal handguns in space movies instead of fancy ray guns. Would a handgun fire in a vacuum? If you fired it on the moon, say, would the ...

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