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What Did David Malcolm Want From: Steve Peace, Tawfiq Khoury, Willie Brown, Bob Filner, and Larry Cushman?

The mail trail of a felonious port commissioner

David Malcolm was born to be a prince of San Diego politics. Malcolm grew up poor in Chula Vista and ached to be rich, as he repeatedly confided to reporters. In 1972, while still attending ...

Warmed-over Wilsonites

Two major players with deep roots in old-time San Diego politics have an active but low-profile role in the ongoing Gray Davis recall battle. Democrat Lynn Schenk, top Davis aide and onetime congresswoman, is said ...

Ballpark Alibis Don't Wash

The Centre City Development Corp., a city-owned, nonprofit entity promoting downtown redevelopment, has only seven board members. Two have been charged with ethics violations in complaints to the Ethics Commission, along with a former member ...

Log Rumors Rattle Julian

"Coulter pine has virtually no value. Incense cedar does have some value."

These days, Julian residents are seeing something that hasn't been seen in those parts for three decades: logging trucks laden with local logs growling down the mountain roads and returning empty. "Everybody in the community ...

Estimate of the Situation

One of the handier tools in the combat arms officer's bag of tricks is a thought process called the Estimate of the Situation. It's a comparison of potential courses of action in the light of ...

San Diego's five worst floods

Charles Hatfield makes a stink.

The skies turned oceanic, or seemed that way. Dams and reservoirs filled beyond capacity and burst. Flash floods barraged every canyon and arroyo. They carried off barns and houses, some rolling head over heels on the rapids.

Explore Rose Canyon, UTC's open space park.

From its mouth at northernmost Mission Bay, Rose Canyon slices north past Soledad Mountain, then curves east toward the flat mesas of Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. A quarter million or so people unwittingly follow ...

Matthew Alice talks trash

Hey, Matt: If you've driven along 52 between 5 and Regents Road over the last half year, you've noticed that it is a dump. Every imaginable form of debris short of corpses decorates the shoulders. ...

The logic of charcoal

Mattster: Why does charcoal burn? Isn't it already burned? Or is it only mostly burned? What gives? -- B.C., O'side Charcoal is carefully cooked wood. Mankind figured out this one many centuries ago. The head-producing ...

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