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What Made Them Kill

San Diego's citizens on death row

When Judge William Mudd sentenced David Westerfield to death on January 3 of this year, Westerfield joined a special subset of San Diegans. Of the 616 inmates on California’s death row, 31, including Westerfield, were ...

Turn Off Brain, Look at Girls

These days, oversized signs dance on street corners. Some promote housing developments, cell-phone companies, even pizza joints. All week, they twist, turn and bob musically, shouting for attention from hurried automobile drivers. They do not ...

History Floats

'It sure will take up a lot of room," says Allen Beddoe about the USS Midway mooring this fall at Navy Pier, where it is scheduled to become the permanent home to the San Diego ...

Kurds aweigh

Monday's Union-Tribune carried a story purporting to recount the recruitment of local Kurds as "volunteers" for war against Iraq. It quoted a man identified as the director of the "Kurdish Human Rights Watch's office for ...

We Have Eaten from the Trojan Burrito

Blinded by the familiar

How would it be if, for example, you immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 or 20? If Spanish were an integral part of who you are? How would it be if you married someone who never learned your language?

Scratch and sniff pungent bay leaves at Pepperwood Spring, near McCain Valley in East County.

Tucked into the fresh-scented folds of a high-desert canyon north of Interstate 8, Pepperwood Spring begins as a network of tiny rivulets issuing from damp pockets of sand. The rivulets conjoin, gather force, and divide ...

Why Attila the Hun parted his hair on the left.

Yo, Matthew: Since 1978 I've been parting my hair in the center. I'm sensing this may be a bit passe in 2003. What style of hair part is currently most politically correct: center, left, or ...

The Church of St. Joseph the Realtor.

Hey, Matt: Are the elves Catholic? Are elves Catholic? Oh, well. Heard there is a saint (active or defrocked, I'm not sure), that will help sell your home quicker and for a better price if ...

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