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Sealed with a Kiss

Lovers on love

“We had the same physics class, and he asked me if I had the book. I was, like, ‘Of course I have the book! I’m in the class!’ He was just, like, ‘Oh, we should study together sometime.’”

Parks Coddle Killer Trees

On January 6, 2003, Suzee Vlk, a 49-year-old resident of Linda Vista, was walking her small dog around the plaza at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. It would be her last walk. The ...

Car Mafia Steals in Baja, Sells in U.S.

'Five years ago, stolen vehicles were a very big problem for insurance companies in California." Speaking is Angel Escobedo, owner of Recuperadora Internacional de Vehículos Robados, a private stolen-car recovery business based in the Rio ...

Casey's revenge

San Diego city attorney Casey Gwinn's top honcho, Leslie Devaney, has opened a campaign bank account to run for her boss's job. Gwinn, who at one time or another has aspired to be everything from ...

Hike the Ben Overturff Trail in Monrovia Canyon Park, and visit the site of a long-abandoned resort in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Monrovia Canyon Park rests serenely in a sheltered corner of the San Gabriel Mountains, just upslope from the stately foothill community of Monrovia. Nearly three years ago in this column (April 6, 2000), I wrote ...

Where do you people get these friggin' questions?

Heymatt: Please promote world peace and set my brother-in-law straight. Which is the preferred euphemism, "frickin" or "friggin"? I sent him a email that included "frickin," as in, "You don't know a frickin thing." He ...

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