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Rug People

I thought I knew something about Oriental rugs. You know, the usual — that a rug is judged by the number of knots per square inch, that more knots are better, that they make the ...

Blackout Blues

Stoplight party

"You wear green if you’re single and available. If you’re wearing yellow, it means you’re in a relationship, but it’s not that serious, and you’re still looking. Red means you’re not available."

Look at the Losers

In batting a baseball, two out of five is spectacular: a .400 average. If the two hits are home runs, it's truly sensational. In the investment world, two successes out of five tries can be ...

You're Gonna Die if You Stay

Cedar Fire residents who wouldn't evacuate from Julian

Fire consumed John Heglin's Santee home in 1986. "I lost everything," he recalls, "and I was homeless for quite some time. But the worst thing was not losing everything but having to deal with the ...

Showing their hand

The Union-Tribune's Bob Kittle fired the first volley last week in what is widely expected to be the paper's rough treatment of city attorney candidate Michael Aguirre. Kittle used his position as perennial member of ...

Bugs and slugs, no extra charge

Matt: I bought some organic celery and broccoli and I noticed the produce was covered in bugs, slugs, caterpillars, etc. It was psychologically upsetting, but I don't want to waste food, so can one eat ...

Ninth? Ninth what?

Heymatt: I'm a taxi cab driver, and I spend a lot of time driving around, thinking Why, oh why, oh why is there a Ninth Street in Poway -- but no First, Second, Third, etc? ...

Blue-eyed duo births hazel-eyed kid -- genetics or gossip fodder?

Dear Matthew Alice: Now that my father has passed away, I "inherited" boxes that filled a basement, attic, and two-car garage (into which my father never put a car.) Amidst the papers, pictures, and assorted ...

Explore the easy-going Highland Valley Trail at upper Lake Hodges near Escondido.

The Highland Valley Trail, in northernmost Rancho Bernardo, runs along a hillside just above Highland Valley Road, with good views of the currently dry upper arm of Lake Hodges and the broad, agriculture-dotted San Pasqual ...

Old heartthrob at Legoland

I never became the real girlfriend

On my 12th anniversary, I ran into an old friend. Sitting on a low wall at Legoland waiting for three of my five children to emerge from an exhibit, I saw Brian walk past. He ...

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