Content for Thursday, December 4, 2003

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To Fuse Wind and Its Motion

Guy McCaskie has seen the 21 species of gulls in San Diego County. 99 percent of the gulls seen locally are 4 species.

LO AND BEHOLD, said the Mormons, God sent in thousands and thousands of California gulls to devour the devourers.

Mr. Octopus Man

When people danced, a lot were acting goofy. I don’t know if it’s because they were covering up for the fact that they couldn’t dance or pretending that’s how they danced when they went to high school.

Last of the All-Nighters

Cinema low-life before Horton Plaza shopping center

When we screened Walter Hill’s surreal fantasy The Warriors (1979), about teenage gangs waging war in a fictionalized New York City underworld, everyone in the theater chanted along with the villain when he taunts the “good guys.”

San Diego as Patsy

The Chargers play horrible football, but their administrative brain trust plays a helluva game of chess. Of course, that brain trust is competing against a pitifully weak opponent: the San Diego city attorney's office. Last ...

Something Stinks In Bird Rock

Who said the words and the music were supposed to go together? Just when the sleepy situation of local business had begun to awaken in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla, the residents and ...

Prolific Killer

A merica's Gross Domestic Product grew by 7.2 percent in the third quarter, marking the biggest growth in this economic indicator since what year? A. 1984 B. 1986 C. 1994 D. 1995 2. In the ...

Undead celebrity

Over the past couple of weekends, the new Dr. Seuss movie, The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers, has raked in $80 million or so, despite being labeled "an uninspired poisoned lump of eye ...

Mystery meat

Matt: My mom gave me a bunch of food that she emptied out of her pantry. One can is labeled potted meat food product. The ingredients are beef tripe, pork stomachs, beef hearts, chicken, partially ...

Words and music

Dear Mr. Alice: We were kicking back one day listening to the Beatles and reading the lyrics that came with the album. We wondered, what was the first music artist to include the words with ...

Migration, the easy way

Heymatt: What would happen if you took a bird that migrates south in the winter and put it on a plane and flew it in one day to where it normally migrates to? Would it ...

Survey Orange County's landscape from the Ocean View Point in O'Neill Regional Park.

During the 55-year existence of O'Neill Regional Park in Orange County, the park's area has grown from 278 acres to more than 3000 acres. During this same span of time, a spreading tide of suburban ...

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