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Where they came from: Rocket from the Crypt, Stone Temple Pilots, Drive Like Jehu, No Knife, Inch, Three Mile Pilot, Battalion of the Saints. Minor Threat, Pitchfork, Fishwife

Real hardcore true punk

The roots of the San Diego music scene run deep. Musicians who began gigging around town in the mid- to late 1980s later became the bedrock of the diverse early ’90s scene, which included bands ...

The only kangaroo among the beauty

Local profs know more about Emily Dickinson than you think

"Luria Sukenick, professor of English and comparative literature at San Diego State, refused to teach Dickinson because of the horrible things that students say. She was upset by the things that people said about Dickinson’s poems."

Do ants sleep?

Matt: I have a question for you-- do ants ever sleep? Bill Goehring, San Diego Rust never sleeps, but ants do. At least that's what bug researchers say, and we'll have to take their word ...

Sex-swapping fish.

Hey, Matthew: My friend swears that he heard that all goldfish are born female but some of them eventually turn into males. Could this possibly be true? -- Ron, Santee I hope your pal's quit ...

TV frustration.

Matthew Alice: As a member of the San Diego press, I hope you will be able to answer this. Why can't the Union-Tribune obtain the correct starting times for many cable channels. All of their ...

Anne takes Prozac

"Mommies just need to go to the doctor sometimes”

Where are we going, Mommy?” my oldest son Johnny asked me this past Friday morning. We had already dropped Johnny’s three older sisters — Rebecca, Angela, and Lucy — at school. We had driven home. ...

How Do You Like Our Moonscape?

San Felipe Valley awaits the deluge

As we drove through the San Felipe Valley, Ann and Tom Keenan pointed out a lone house ringed with greenery on the blackened hillside. A small circle, saved. It's one of several hundred homes that ...

Political funding

As election time nears, campaign contributions continue to pour in from the rich and locally famous. In the race for district attorney, Joseph Wambaugh -- the ex-cop and crime novelist from Point Loma who, along ...

Climb Ryan Mountain for a comprehensive view of Joshua Tree National Park and environs.

Elongated Ryan Mountain rises above the boulder-studded plains of Lost Horse and Queen Valleys in Joshua Tree National Monument. The view from the top is arguably the best in the national park, encompassing the blocky ...

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