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Donna Roberts, 58, of Spring Valley describes herself as a "sort of Democrat." "My biggest disappointment is that not many people voted. The low turnout. I was surprised with the district attorney's race. I expected Pfingst to win big. I was in favor of the school bond issues, and I'm glad they went through. We need to have all those buildings repaired."

Susan Bailey, 31, is a La Mesa Republican. "I didn't really have any disappointments. Even Davis...if that's what the people want. I'm surprised how extremely tight the Dumanis race was. I thought she would be a lot stronger at the polls than Pfingst. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results."

Keith Miller, 56, is an independent who lives in the College Area. "I was disappointed with the way the news didn't report how the smaller parties were doing. All we got was Democrat and Republican. Nothing surprised me. When it comes to government, nothing surprises me. I was pleased with the people at my polling station. They were upbeat and interested in what they were doing."

Denise Edmund, 43, is a Democrat from San Carlos. "I was disappointed that Davis won. He's a moron. I'm not really surprised at anything. I'm not very pleased with anything either. I would have liked a few people to have won that didn't...other Senate races -- except Mondale! God! Not him! There's a few Democrats who I think are morons."

La Mesa Republican Ron Kawecki will only admit to being older than 39. "I was disappointed with the Democratic chairman McAuliffe. He was such a bitter loser. Instead of being gracious about the whole thing, he was extremely bitter, and that was my biggest disappointment. I was surprised by Jeb Bush winning. I thought he was going to have a really tight race and maybe lose. And the secretary of state in Florida -- what's her name? Katherine Harris! She was elected to Congress. And they took control of the Senate! I wasn't surprised about the House, but the Senate was something else! I'm most pleased that George Bush was given a mandate by the people by winning everything. The people respect him and his job as president. They feel that they have a good president with a decent outlook on things."

Louise Hall, 62, lives in Southeast San Diego and is a Democrat. "My biggest fear is that Simon was going to win. I'm glad he didn't. Nothing really surprised me -- well, I expected the Democrats to keep control of the Senate. I guess I'm surprised about that. I'm most pleased and surprised that Gray Davis won."

Randy Belknap, 47, lives in Lemon Grove and is a Democrat. "My biggest disappointment was the governor's race, how they were hacking after each other. It seems like when you want to vote for somebody, they never keep their promises. It's a waste of money putting the polls and paperwork out. I wasn't really surprised at anything. I expected it to be slow, and I expected the Republicans to win the Senate back. I'm most pleased with the propositions and bond issues for education."

Joyce McLaughlin, 65, is a Democrat who lives in Southeast San Diego. "I was most disappointed that Garamendi was reelected insurance commissioner. He was commissioner before, and he got caught taking insurance money and was forced to resign, and I'm surprised the people reelected him. I'm a little surprised that in Maine they elected a Democrat as governor, because they're always Republican. I visit Maine quite a bit. I'm most pleased that Simon didn't get elected governor. Gray Davis hasn't been the greatest, but I don't think Simon would have been any better."

Angel Salazar, 29, is a Chula Vista Democrat. "It's very disappointing that the Democrats lost the House and the Senate to Republicans. I was surprised at the Democratic leaning here in San Diego, because it's traditionally always been a very conservative county. I was happy with the mayoral race in Chula Vista. It's going to be the first time we're going to have a Mexican-American mayor in Chula Vista."

Jeffrey Obayashi, 21, is a Democrat who lives in Clairemont. "I'm pretty much upset that the Democrats lost control of the Senate. I was pretty surprised by Walter Mondale losing Minnesota. I was actually surprised that the Democrats swept the California administration. I'm also pretty pleased about that."

Matt Swerdlin, 22, lives in Ocean Beach. He describes himself as a registered Democrat who doesn't have any loyalty to a particular party. "I'm most disappointed that I didn't vote. Walter Mondale losing -- that disappoints me. I'm registered in Maryland, and I was just a slacker and didn't take care of my stuff to get an absentee ballot. I was surprised that the Republicans got control of the House and Senate. I'm glad that Bill Simon lost. If I had to choose between Republican and Democrat, I would choose Democrat, and it pleases me that the Democrats have taken control over certain governorships they haven't had control over in a long time."

Shawn LaConta, 43, is a La Mesa Democrat. "I'm disappointed that not enough Democrats voted to make a difference. I was surprised that the Republicans had such a dominating win. I think that most people who didn't vote now realize that if they had voted, it would have made a difference."

Fernando Reyes, 22, lives in East San Diego and has no party affiliation. "I was disappointed that Gray Davis won. Everything went just the way I thought it would. I thought the Republicans would take over the Senate and they would hold on to the House. I'm really glad that the Republicans have control over the full Congress."

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