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Gale Hertz, 49, lives in Mission Valley and is a Democrat. "Walter Mondale's loss was a big disappointment. and Mitt Romney's win in Massachusetts was unfortunate too. The biggest surprise was Gray Davis, that he won at all. I really thought people were going to go with Simon just because they were tired of [Davis's] antics, but we had two not-so-good candidates. I haven't really taken it all in yet. I'm almost indifferent to this election because of California. We just didn't have great candidates running."

Thomas Moreno, 46, is a Democrat who lives in Point Loma. "It's kind of hard to say what was worse. Both of the people running for governor I wasn't real happy with -- kind of a rock and a hard spot. Nothing surprised me. Nothing pleased me. I voted, but I'm not real happy with it. What are you gonna do?"

Judy Wright, 53, also lives in Point Loma and is a Republican. "I'm disappointed that so far Pfingst hasn't been reelected and also that Kevin Faulconer is running behind. I'm not surprised that the Republicans gained seats at all. I'm glad Davis got reelected. I'm a Republican, but I don't like Simon. All that mudslinging -- I know they all do it -- but I think he did it more than Davis."

Anissa Hannon, 35, lives in Loma Portal and is a Democrat. "My biggest disappointment is the Republicans getting the Senate. I think the national Republican success is the biggest surprise. I'm at least glad that Davis won."

Sarah Hallock, 23, is a Democrat who also lives in Loma Portal. She sums up her disappointment with one word: "Davis. I think he's stupid. He was also the biggest surprise for me. I was hoping other people would realize what a moron he is, but apparently not. Everything kind of turned out how I thought it would, except for Davis. That's the biggest disappointment there could be."

Doug Downing, 22, lives in Point Loma and considers himself an independent. "I wanted Faulconer to win, so I was kind of disappointed there. I thought Simon was going to be just crushed, but he made it really close with Davis. I was actually pretty impressed with how efficient they were at the place I voted. The people in there did a really good job getting people in and out and explaining everything. Results-wise, nothing really stood out."

Aubree Green, 27, is a Democrat who lives in Point Loma. "The biggest disappointment is that the Republicans now have the majority. I was kind of surprised that Mondale lost. I'm glad that some of the propositions passed, especially the after-school proposition for kids -- I think it was 49."

Greg Stecher, 29, is a Republican from Point Loma. "The worst thing is Gray Davis winning again, because he...it seems like he rides the glory of other people. They'll do something and he'll say, 'Hey, that looks like a great idea,' and he'll take credit for other people's accomplishments. I'm not surprised at anything at all. I'm glad that there was a lot of competition. Especially in the local areas and the governor's race. It shows that whoever votes makes a difference."

Nora Mally, 75, is a Democrat and lives in the College Area. "I didn't like the Republicans getting the Senate. I just feel that there won't be any check and balance now. The biggest shock was that Mondale didn't win. I'm glad there weren't any problems like there were in Florida the last time."

Joe Brown, 69, lives in Boulevard and is a Democrat. "It seems like nobody realizes what's going on in the world, so the Republicans won. I don't think I had any surprises. Everything was close. I'm at least glad that we got rid of Simon."

Aldan Gomez, 66, is a Republican from El Cajon. "My biggest disappointment was the governor's race. I'm not real happy with Simon, but I'm very unhappy with Davis. I'm real surprised how the Republicans did overall. It's an unusual event. I guess that's also what pleased me the most."

Democrat Forrest Johnson is not pleased at all. Johnson, 80, lives in Julian and found watching the Republicans prevail in the House and the Senate hard. "I don't want to see them give Bush free reign. The only pleasant surprise was Gray Davis. For a while it looked like he might lose. San Diego County was almost two-to-one for Simon. I guess the best thing is Gray Davis being governor again. Another disappointment was Ray Haynes being reelected for our area. He was a state senator, and I think he could no longer run for Senate because of term limits, and now he'll be in the Assembly for two years and then he'll run for state senate again. He's a John Bircher."

Rod Bass, 80, is a Republican who lives on Mount Helix. "I'm satisfied with the election. I'm really surprised at most of the races. I didn't expect the Republicans to come through as well as they did. I'm pleased with the turnout and, of course, the Republican sweep."

Karen Young, 42, lives in Del Cerro. "I'm registered Republican, but I never vote that way. I'm pretty upset that the Republicans took over the House and Senate. I don't like Republicans. I've just been too lazy to change parties. I'm surprised that Dumanis didn't come out way ahead of Pfingst, and it's so close. I thought she would win by a slam dunk. I'm glad that Davis won and that some Democrats got their seats. I was also very pleased that Proposition 49 and the schools won. We should have after-school programs and put our money into that. I'm hoping Vince Hall pulls ahead in the Assembly race."

Richard Klotsche, 50, is a Republican who lives in Granite Hills. "My biggest disappointment was with the two fools that were running for governor. I was surprised that it was so close. For a while, while Simon was ahead, I thought maybe all of Davis's money was working in reverse! I'm just glad I got it over with. It was that bad."

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