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Mayor Golding, City Attorney Casey Gwinn, Councilman Byron Wear, Councilwoman Barbara Warden collected thousands from the Spanos family

The scandal that is the stadium

As Ronald Reagan might have said, there they go again. Seven years after then-San Diego mayor Susan Golding proclaimed on May 15, 1995, that she had engineered an ironclad contract to keep the Chargers in ...

Raymond Chandler's favorite sourpuss

Max Miller in La Jolla

He’d love to write national ads for the Chamber of Commerce, claiming that La Jolla is “pestilence-ridden, scourged by locusts, swamps with water-moccasins and cottonmouths, and typhoon tidal waves resulting in chickens in the bedroom every Friday.”

Unforgettable: Max Miller

Max Miller (1899-1967) was a journalist, author, and world traveler. He served in the Navy for three wars and lived most of his life at 5930 Camino de la Costa in La Jolla, just south ...

Embalmed Angel

Is San Diego ready for angel dust?

Could the current '80s pop-cult revival include a resurgence of PCP use? Hitting its peak in the early '80s, PCP, or "angel dust," had notoriety as the drug that made its users so violent that ...

Mexico's Bargain Babies

'I probably average two calls a week inquiring about Mexico," says Brent Yoder, director of the Mission Valley-based international adoption agency Adoption Options. "I'm one of the few agencies that even indicates that I can ...

Cash and carry

When Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, the financial advisor from Encinitas, was busted by the feds last week for allegedly conspiring with crooked FBI agents to fix stock prices and extort money from companies, District Attorney Paul ...

A peek behind bathroom doors (assuming they haven't been stolen).

Dear Matthew Alice: Why do restrooms in public buildings have those special screws that can't be removed? All the stalls seem to be put together with them, and I can't figure out what they are ...

Where did the term hat trick come from?

Hello Matthew: I'm a hockey fan, and I've always wondered why when a player scores three goals in one game they say he scored a hat trick. What do hats have to do with it? ...

How do race horses get those goofy names?

Hey Matt: Why all the goofy names for race horses? They've got names like Harlan's Holiday, Essence of Dubai, Itsallinthechase, etc. Why not Blacky or Mr. Ed or Wildfire? --Pete Collins, San Diego Rich people ...

What's in a Lunchbox?

A mom resists fruit chews.

It was Marissa who was the star of the group. Marissa had brought a packaged lunch direct from the supermarket shelves. The little container sported sections for small taco chips, taco sauce, and shredded cheese.

Climb San Jacinto Peak the easy way, with a generous headstart via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

San Jacinto Peak ranks a close second after San Gorgonio Mountain on the roster of Southern California high points, but its more sharply defined and imposing bulk makes it instantly identifiable from almost anywhere. Upon ...

Writer, interupted

Romance and music waylay an author

Believe it or not, with this piece, the University of California, San Diego, accepted me into its Ph.D. program in composition. So family and I came west in 1982. You’d think I would have been ecstatic.