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Judge Dick Murphy seemed like perfect antidote to Valerie Stallings scandal

Broken promises

When then–Superior Court judge Dick Murphy was running for mayor in the fall of 2000, he made ethics his number-one campaign theme. It seemed like the perfect antidote to the Valerie Stallings influence-buying scandal and ...

What's so great about the Black Sea?

Hey, Matt!: Are all the local beaches equally cloudy on any given day? Or do I have a better chance of actually seeing the sun at PB instead of Del Mar? Could you send the ...

Life Along the San Diego River

Mission Valley before the concrete - farms and dairies of the Gugllemettis, Fentons, Ferraris, Levis, McReadys, Ohres

“There were two different swimming holes. The girls would have one and the boys would sneak up there, and the girls would be swimming nude and we would try to swipe their clothes.

Temporary Residents: Earp, Bean, & Oswald

Earp came here as a real estate speculator, not as “Wyatt Earp, lawman”

Sacagawea carried him all the way across the country and back again. When she rode through rapids in a dugout canoe, she rode with her baby; when food was scarce, both she and her baby went hungry.”

Pols Milk 92067

When it was announced last month that America's richest community, measured by average per capita income, was Rancho Santa Fe, a flurry of stories appeared in the national media, most of which spun the woodsy ...

Pain Solidarity

In New York, they're debating what sort of memorial to build on the six-acre site where the World Trade Center once stood. Three thousand miles away, in Tijuana, one such memorial of the attacks of ...

Murphy's outlaw

Around San Diego's city hall, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's been almost 17 years since Mike Turk, a Pacific Beach builder and business partner of then-mayor Roger Hedgecock, testified ...

Visit the site of the fictional MASH 4077th tent hospital in Malibu Creek State Park.

It's been said that the number of people on a wilderness trail diminishes in proportion to the square of the distance and the cube of the elevation gain from the nearest road. Perhaps that explains ...