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Birds Squared

The San Diego Bird Atlas Project

The Keenans prowl V17.

Dr. Markey Hoodwinked the Historical Society

Cortes versus Ulloa

In 1950, he had a “chance meeting” with Miguel de Ulloa, who claimed to be a descendent of Francisco. Miguel said two members of the Trinidad expedition survived. One of them wrote a document about the odyssey.

What's That White Gook When I Cook Fish?

Dear Matthew Alice: What is that white gook that rises to the surface when you cook fish? -- Elaine Boyd, the net Ewwww. Grandma Alice says the white gook is melted collagen, perhaps a little ...

The guy who designed Central Park, did he design Balboa Park?

Hey, Matt: Is it true that Balboa Park was designed by the same dude that designed Central Park in New York? -- Paul Broadway, San Diego Common misconception. Well, maybe not common, since most people ...

Noon, midnight, AM, PM, what's the deal?

Hey, Matt: Why are people still messing up AM and PM in terms of noon and midnight? -- Anup, the net So what are you saying--noon is AM? Noon is PM? Noon is neither. Noon ...

Knife-care tips from Grandma Alice

Matt: Long-time reader, first-time writer. I watch too much foodtv and have often heard that to keep your knife sharp, you should slice green peppers and such from the inside, not the skin side. It ...

Gringos Do Their Thing with Our Boys

Tucked behind a Toyo Tires shop, where Tijuana's Centro and Rio zones meet, stands a boys' home operated by Desarollo Integral de la Familia (integral development of the family). Better known by the acronym DIF ...

Signs of corruption

With San Diego City Council elections coming up in the fall, city officials continue in secret settlement negotiations with two billboard companies that have filed a federal lawsuit to void a municipal ordinance restricting liquor ...

Hike the Idlehour Descent; lose 4000 feet as you trek down the front face of the San Gabriel Mountains toward Pasadena

The "Idlehour Descent" -- not really an idle descent at all -- is a one-way, 11-mile, mostly downhill hike through ever-changing terrain in the San Gabriel Mountains above Altadena and Pasadena. The name "Idlehour" comes ...

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