Stories for July 2002

Thursday, July 25

Broken Promises

When then–Superior Court judge Dick Murphy was running for mayor in the fall of 2000, he made ethics his number-one campaign theme. It seemed like the perfect antidote to the Valerie Stallings influence-buying scandal and ...

What's so great about the Black Sea?

Hey, Matt!: Are all the local beaches equally cloudy on any given day? Or do I have a better chance of actually seeing the sun at PB instead of Del Mar? Could you send the ...

Life Along the San Diego River

Mission Valley before the concrete - farms and dairies of the Gugllemettis, Fentons, Ferraris, Levis, McReadys, Ohres

“There were two different swimming holes. The girls would have one and the boys would sneak up there, and the girls would be swimming nude and we would try to swipe their clothes.

Temporary Residents: Earp, Bean, & Oswald

Earp came here as a real estate speculator, not as “Wyatt Earp, lawman”

Sacagawea carried him all the way across the country and back again. When she rode through rapids in a dugout canoe, she rode with her baby; when food was scarce, both she and her baby went hungry.”

Pols Milk 92067

When it was announced last month that America's richest community, measured by average per capita income, was Rancho Santa Fe, a flurry of stories appeared in the national media, most of which spun the woodsy ...

Pain Solidarity

In New York, they're debating what sort of memorial to build on the six-acre site where the World Trade Center once stood. Three thousand miles away, in Tijuana, one such memorial of the attacks of ...

Murphy's outlaw

Around San Diego's city hall, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's been almost 17 years since Mike Turk, a Pacific Beach builder and business partner of then-mayor Roger Hedgecock, testified ...

Visit the site of the fictional MASH 4077th tent hospital in Malibu Creek State Park.

It's been said that the number of people on a wilderness trail diminishes in proportion to the square of the distance and the cube of the elevation gain from the nearest road. Perhaps that explains ...

Thursday, July 18

Sidewalk Employment Agency

It takes patience to be hired on North County's street corners.

Squads of men in denim, flannel, and baseball caps with the names Oscar de la Hoya, Budweiser, Corona, John Deere, and Jack Daniel’s, as well as whole phrases: Mi Vida es un Madre, shuffle with ...

Help me get to Europe by boat.

Hi, Matt: I am a fearful flyer, and I heard there are ships that you can take from the West Coast through Panama and on to the East Coast and Europe, which is where I ...

A Thanksgiving dilemma

Matthew: I've got two calendars. One says Thanksgiving this year is November 28. The other says it's November 21. Which is right? The calendar that says it's November 21 this year says it's on November ...

Guess How Many Legs I’ve Got in My Closet

A misanthrope makes dinner

“I don’t want any help. Every time you involve another person, there’s a personal interaction: who they are, who you are, what they smell like, what they talk like, everything else like that.”

Fires Move Faster than Firefighters

San Diego is in its driest year of recorded history.

San Diego is not immune to the kinds of fires that have devastated Arizona and Colorado. Richard Hawkins, the chief of fire aviation management for the Cleveland National Forest, believes the potential exists here for ...

Kids in blue berets

Tijuana's poor kids find safe labor

It's illegal for a child under 16 to work in Mexico. Doubtless, the law was passed to prevent the exploitation of children and to keep kids in school. But sometimes the law denies children from ...

La Jolla's Hoosier honey

As the scandal on Wall Street spreads, both Democrats and Republicans are trying to make political hay. But, in San Diego at least, it seems that some prominent Democrats have been the biggest players in ...

Thread your way around the giant boulders of Ramona's Cobbleback Peak better known as Mount Woodson.

Indians called it Mountain of Moonlit Rocks, an appropriate name for a landmark visible, even at night, over great distances. Later settlers dubbed it Cobbleback Peak, a name utterly descriptive of its rugged, boulder-strewn slopes. ...

The Del Charro Set

John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Richard Nixon, Joseph McCarthy, J.Edgar Hoover

Guest lists were hush-hush. But word circulated around town that John Wayne, Zsa Zsa Gabor, or Elizabeth Taylor had been spotted — or Betty Grable, Jimmy Durante, or Joan Crawford. “Crawford always carried her own flask of vodka.”

Thursday, July 11

Birds Squared

The San Diego Bird Atlas Project

The Keenans prowl V17.

Dr. Markey Hoodwinked the Historical Society

Cortes versus Ulloa

In 1950, he had a “chance meeting” with Miguel de Ulloa, who claimed to be a descendent of Francisco. Miguel said two members of the Trinidad expedition survived. One of them wrote a document about the odyssey.

What's That White Gook When I Cook Fish?

Dear Matthew Alice: What is that white gook that rises to the surface when you cook fish? -- Elaine Boyd, the net Ewwww. Grandma Alice says the white gook is melted collagen, perhaps a little ...

The guy who designed Central Park, did he design Balboa Park?

Hey, Matt: Is it true that Balboa Park was designed by the same dude that designed Central Park in New York? -- Paul Broadway, San Diego Common misconception. Well, maybe not common, since most people ...

Noon, midnight, AM, PM, what's the deal?

Hey, Matt: Why are people still messing up AM and PM in terms of noon and midnight? -- Anup, the net So what are you saying--noon is AM? Noon is PM? Noon is neither. Noon ...

Knife-care tips from Grandma Alice

Matt: Long-time reader, first-time writer. I watch too much foodtv and have often heard that to keep your knife sharp, you should slice green peppers and such from the inside, not the skin side. It ...

Gringos Do Their Thing with Our Boys

Tucked behind a Toyo Tires shop, where Tijuana's Centro and Rio zones meet, stands a boys' home operated by Desarollo Integral de la Familia (integral development of the family). Better known by the acronym DIF ...

Signs of corruption

With San Diego City Council elections coming up in the fall, city officials continue in secret settlement negotiations with two billboard companies that have filed a federal lawsuit to void a municipal ordinance restricting liquor ...

Hike the Idlehour Descent; lose 4000 feet as you trek down the front face of the San Gabriel Mountains toward Pasadena

The "Idlehour Descent" -- not really an idle descent at all -- is a one-way, 11-mile, mostly downhill hike through ever-changing terrain in the San Gabriel Mountains above Altadena and Pasadena. The name "Idlehour" comes ...

Wednesday, July 3

An Indian Chief Envisions the Mother of All Warpaths

But Cahuilla Juan Antonio turns over Cupeno rebel Garra to white man

On November 25, the Los Angeles County judge, Augustin Olvera, advised Juan Antonio to contact Garra about the uprising. “If Garra could explain his grievances,” Olvera wrote, “the problem could be settled without further violence.”

Hands in the Dirt and Heaven in the Mouth

There’s a reason why Italian cooking is one of the world’s great cuisines, and it doesn’t have much to do with four-star chefs, innovative cooking techniques, or secret ingredients. The reason can be summed up ...

Who's the lady buried under the San Diego Freeway?

Dear Matthew Alice: In Rex Reed's People Are Crazy Here, in the chapter on Alfred Hitchcock he writes, "His favorite people in history are Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, and a man who murdered his ...

Corky's Game

Corky McMillan has his way with the NTC

McNab told me recently that he refuses to quit his crusade against the McMillin plan. “There are bodies buried everywhere when it comes to this deal, and we’re out there with shovels and we’ll keep digging.”

We Did Not Want a Monstrosity

Jamul Indians dream big dreams for six acres

"The tribe’s constitution in Jamul requires that to be a member, you had to have half-blood or more as far as the degree of Indian blood. The problem is that [some new members] are quarters, sixteenths, sixty-fourths."

A cancer on the market

These days it's called Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center, in honor of a $20 million pledge that Padres owner and UC regent Moores made at the height of his power and influence in ...

Appreciate a cross-section of San Diego’s diverse ethnic population

Discover East San Diego's Chollas Lake, a shady place for summer walking and jogging.

Right off the 94 Freeway in San Diego's Oak Park neighborhood, a dense grove of eucalyptus trees conceals one of the more pleasant oases of the inner city: Chollas Lake Park. On any warm, summer ...

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