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San Diego painter Richard DeRosset is obsessed with the Titanic

He's sad for ships

Richard DeRosset was shipwrecked on the 21st of May 1977 while returning from a commercial fishing trip off the banks of San Nicolas Island. There was a stack fire on the Petrel that night. It ...

Tecate Train Station's Architectural Mystery

What was Frank Lloyd Wright's role?

A woman who is rumored to be the wife of the late caretaker has been staying there every night until recently. During the winter, she made fires inside the depot. Everything was wood, the furniture, the floors,.

High Noon in Dulzura

A laid-back sheriff prowls laid-back Dulzura

Illegal passing on 94 became a bigger problem when CalTrans wrote new regulations. One such area is Daley Flats, a one-mile stretch of straight road on 94 that runs between Rancho Jamul and the town of Jamul.

Tales of death

A world-famous promoter of euthanasia is set to show off his new $50 suicide machine at the national convention of the Hemlock Society here next month. Dubbed by critics the Jack Kevorkian of Australia, Dr. ...

Descend into Hell Creek and rise beyond in Valley Center's Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve

Eleven miles of hiking trail lace through the 1700-acre Hellhole Canyon Open-Space Preserve, east of Valley Center. The San Diego County parks department acquired this former parcel of surplus public-domain land, one of several such ...

The Year-end Quiz: How Smart Are You in 2002?

According to Grandma Alice, the Christmas theme at our house this year will be Homeland Security. She's registered at the local army surplus store so we'll know exactly what to put in her stocking. The ...